12 Quick Sewing Projects to Gift or Sell

Owl Hand Warmers

Our sewing super-powers are super-valuable this time of year, but time isn’t always on our side! Whether you’re stocking up for gifts or the craft bazaars, quick sewing projects are a must. Here’s a gathering of 12 great makes that everyone will love and you still have time to sew!

Six Simple, Scrappy Sews

Image Source: Ella and Nesta’s Little Room blog
  1. Two-Sided Magnetic Pincushion

For sewing friends or anyone who keeps a mending kit around, this pincushion is perfect! The magnetic side will corral your pins, while the other side is easy to push the pins into. Made from cotton scraps or charm squares , these will be bright and cheery on your bazaar table, too! Click here for the Two-Sided Magnetic Pincushion tutorial on the Ella and Nesta’s Little Room blog.

Lip Gloss Keychain Holder
Image Source: Crazy Little Projects blog
  1. Lip Gloss Keychain Holder

This super quick sewing project takes just a wee bit of fabric and an equally wee bit of time! Pop it on a keychain and your lip gloss will always be nearby. Stitch up a bunch for everyone in the office and, if you’re selling, make sure you have a whole basketful ready. Easy enough for beginners to sew, too! Click here for the Lip Gloss Keychain Holder tutorial and video on the Crazy Little Projects blog.

Double Sided Tissue Holder
Image Source: Gluesticks blog
  1. Double Sided Tissue Holder

‘Tis the season for lots of sneezin’ and a tissue holder is always a welcome gift. Pop a little pack of tissues into one side and a mini hand sanitizer and lip gloss into the other. If you’re the essential oil type, an “immunity” blend would be perfect to add in, too! Click here for the Two-Sided Tissue Holder tutorial on the Gluesticks blog.

Credit Card Wallet
Image Source: So Sew Easy blog
  1. Credit Card Wallet

Fat quarters would be just right for this quick sewing project designed for all those plastic cards that overflow our pockets! Great for men or women, choose appropriate prints and fabrics for an assortment. The leather strap snap fastener and plastic card holders make these a classy gift or quick-to-sell item you’ll love making! Sources for both are linked in the tutorial. Click here for the Credit Card Wallet tutorial on the So Sew Easy blog.

Flannel Cup Cozy
Image Source: ThriftDee blog
  1. Flannel Cuff Cup Cozy

Clever, easy and charming, these coffee cup cozies began their lives as flannel shirt cuffs. Clean out the closet or drop by the thrift shops to stock up on shirts to cut. You could turn the rest of the flannel into other quick sewing projects, too! Click here for the Flannel Cuff Cup Cozy post on the ThriftDee blog.

Three Fabulous, Fleece Warmers

Fleece Arm Warmers
Image Source: Craft Your Happiness blog
  1. Quick Fleece Arm Warmers

These couldn’t be more soft, simple, warm or welcome! Plan just 20 minutes, ½ yard of fleece and a few embellishments for this quick sewing project pair. Since fleece doesn’t ravel, you won’t need hems! Click here for the Quick Fleece Arm Warmers tutorial on the Craft Your Happiness blog.

Fleece Ice Scraper Mitt
Image Source: Fleece Fun blog
  1. Fur Cuffed Fleece Ice Scraper Mitt

Make Winter windshield scraping a whole lot more fun with this quick sewing project! Fleece and faux fur creatively combine for this gift or bazaar item that banishes frosty fingers. The secret ingredient is an “amazing size adjuster” that truly makes these one-size-fits-all! Click here for the Fleece Ice Scraper Mitt tutorial and video on the Fleece Fun blog.

Owl Hand Warmers
Image Source: Craft Happiness blog
  1. Quick Owl Hand Warmers

Stitch up these wise hand warmers in local team colors and watch them fly off your craft bazaar display! It’s a quick sewing project that makes a cozy, thoughtful gift for the Winter spectator sports fans on your list, too. Gather small pieces of fleece, a little rice, print those adorable downloadable hangtags and you’re all ready for fun making! Click here for the Quick Owl Hand Warmers tutorial on the Craft Happiness blog.

Three to Stitch with More Fabric & More Time

Zipper Book Clutch
Image Source: See Kate Sew blog
  1. Designer Inspired Zipper Book Clutch

Yes, these will take more time, but they’re still relatively quick sewing projects and SO worth it! Inspired by a favorite designer, a handmade Zipper Book Clutch will cost a fraction of what your friends or customers would find in a store. Theme your fabrics with thrifted hard back books, coordinate 22” brass zippers and set up a Zipper Book Clutch assembly line! Click here for the Designer Inspired Zipper Book Clutch tutorial on the See Kate Sew blog.

Manicure Wallet
Image Source: Noodlehead blog
  1. Snappy Manicure Wallet

Another charmer often seen in boutiques, a Manicure Wallet makes a marvelous gift or bazaar offering. To make these quick sewing projects, plan to sew several at the same time by coordinating thread, zips and fat quarters in similar color themes. Loaded with nail polish, files and other mani-pedi essentials they’re sure to be a hit! Click here for the Snappy Manicure Wallet tutorial on the Noodlehead blog. (link 10” plastic zip)

Drawstring Fabric Basket
Image Source: Gluesticks blog
  1. Fabric Drawstring Basket Bag

Basket, bag or catch-all? Whatever you call it, this Drawstring Basket Bag is perfect for holiday gifting! Stuff it with your quick sewing projects or offer it as a sure-to-be-reused gift bag at your craft bazaar. The easy to close drawstring makes it practical, your fabric choices make it fabulous! Click here for the post and tutorial link on the Gluesticks blog.

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