5 Darling Dresses For Girls

Chances are you’re starting to line up your 2014 project list, and if you’re sewing for little girls, you’ll want to put a few—if not all—of these darling dresses on your list. The best part about dresses is that they’re fairly flexible when it comes to seasonality. Even a sleeveless dress can be made warm with a pair of thick tights and a cardigan. Plus, little ones are an active bunch, so dresses allow them to move around without the constriction other clothes have. Here are 5 project that provide a mix of styles (retro and contemporary), embellishments (yoke and stenciling), and fabrics. Enjoy!

Scalloped Yoke Girls Dress

1. Scalloped Yoke
Tutorial available from Skirt As Top

With this tutorial you learn how to make a scalloped yoke so that you can apply it to the dress pattern of your choice. And—bonus!—you can use the same instructions to make a jagged yoke. It’s a sweet detail that can be embellished with fabric buttons and pleated pockets as shown here. This is a great intro project to basic pattern manipulation.

Retro Girls Dress

2. Retro Dress
Pattern available from En La Carretera

You not only get a free pattern (size 5), but you also get a fully illustrated tutorial to walk you through making this retro dress complete with buttoned belt, which really does bring this look together. Instructions for sewing the invisible zipper are also included, ensuring you’re able to tackle this project no matter what your skill level is.

Fleece Pull On Girls Dress

3. Fleece Pull On Dress
Tutorial and pattern available from Un Petit Design

Your little one is going to love this warm and cozy fleece pull-on dress. It’s designed for stretch fabric with no closures and no lining, so it’s going to be an easy project. The only challenge will be the pleats, but Jennifer of Un Petit Design guides you through the process—a little pressing, a little basting (don’t try a standard stitch with fleece), and you’re set.

Colorful Tunic Girls Dress

4. Maggie Mae Tunic Dress
Via Compagnie M.; pattern available for $9 from Shwin Designs

It’s not too early to start sewing for spring and the fabric choices Marte of Compagnie M. chose for her version of the Maggie Mae pattern are as sunny as it gets. The relaxed fit and deep pockets make for a comfortable fit.

DIY Merrymaker Girls Dress

5. DIY Merrymaker Stencil Dress
Pattern available from Handmade Charlotte

Speaking of bright and sunny, you’ll want to be sure a party dress is on your list, and our Merrymaker stencil dress definitely has celebration written (or rather painted) all over it. The dress pattern (in sizes 4 to 6) is available for download, and the stencils are available at Michaels. This is a fun intermediate project that takes about a day and half to complete.

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