5 Fun Projects from Petit à Petit & Family

Celina from Petit à Petit & Family is one of our all-time favorite children’s wear designers. When we ran across these 5 tutorials from her site we knew we’d hit the jackpot. You’ll have a blast making these creative projects and even more fun seeing them in action!

Petit a Petit






















I think we can safely say that being a mermaid is every girl’s dream, no matter how old they are. This DIY Mermaid Costume is the first step in making that dream come true. Celina even includes a video tutorial for easy-to-follow instructions.

Petit a petit


















We love using color block and contrasting patterns. This necktie is the perfect statement piece for any outfit, whether it be for a boy or girl! Check out the pattern and other color variations Celina’s created on Me Sew Crazy.

Petit a Petit








This might be the coolest idea we’ve come across all year. Immortalize your kids’ drawings by sewing them onto a t-shirt! Turn your kid into their own clothing designer!

Petit a Petit






















This Peter Pan Collar adds the perfect touch of magic to your girl’s favorite shirt or dress. The tutorial includes two different collar patterns, one with an added ribbon on the back. So adorable it’s out of this world. We could fly away just thinking about it!

Petit a Petit























What better way to use your fabric scraps than to make a pretty necklace out of them? We love the pastel fabrics juxtaposed with the bright wooden beads. So easy, you could whip one out today!

Happy sewing!

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