5 Super Tiny Sewing Crafts and Tutorials

Everything is cuter when it’s tiny. The smaller the better especially when it comes to sewing crafts. I love a project that you can finish in less than 60 minutes, but what about sewing up 3 or 4 projects in that time? When you sew small the “done” pile grows quickly.

We are featuring 5 extra tiny tutorials for your crafty pleasure. Have a hoot making the barn owl and get your sweet fix sewing up the hearts. Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP thread always does the trick with any size project your working on. Remember tiny is always better!

Tiny Felt Flower Clips – By Make It – Love it


Tiny Pincushions Made From Plastic Bottle Caps by

Tiny Felt Hearts by


Tiny Owl Pattern by

Coats and Clark Tiny Envelopes by


2 thoughts on “5 Super Tiny Sewing Crafts and Tutorials

  1. Anonymous Reply

    So cute!! Don’t get bottle caps (good ones anymore) the bottles & caps are FLIMSY now, but would they still work OK for this project? Thanks

    I am NOT a robot, just got new glasses and it KEEPS telling me I don’t have it correct. Those things are a ROYAL pain, you know where.

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