6 Projects For The Sewing Room

by Handmade Charlotte

Nothing makes sewing more pleasurable than a beautiful, well-organized sewing room. That said, there never seems to be enough time to give our sewing rooms the attention they deserve.  Here are 6 quick and simple sewing projects to improve your workspace.
Let’s get started!
Sewing Machine Caddy
Keep all your tools & accessories close at hand!  One For A Wish created this caddy with a pattern from Bloom.
Sewing Machine Cover
Show your sewing machine some love with this lovely protective cover. Visit Bloom for more information.
Thread Catcher
A weighted pincushion holds this handy thread catcher in place. Additional storage provides quick access for your frequently used tools. Visit Sew Mama Sew for the complete tutorial.
Four Pocket Wall Organizer
Keep everything tidy & neat with this handy 4-pocket hanging wall organizer. Visit PatternsCentral for more information.
Iron Caddy
This carrier for your iron folds out to a handy heat-resistant pressing pad. How cool is that? Visit Craftster for details.
Sewn Stash Baskets
These lovely sewn stash baskets are perfect for storing things that doesn’t easily fit on a shelf. Visit The Purl Bee for the complete tutorial.

5 thoughts on “6 Projects For The Sewing Room

  1. Janet Reply

    These are great projects and what a lovely sewing room. I’d never want to leave LOL.

  2. Treasa Reply

    I LOVE your sewing room ideas and I’m always looking for storage projects. Thank you

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