6 Ways to Refashion Thrift Finds Into Stylish Clothes

This time of year is great for cleaning out the closet and dreaming about warmer days ahead. (They’re coming, we promise!) But instead of purging those old sweaters and tee shirts, those ill-fitting dresses and shirts, spend a little time refashioning them into a new stylish wardrobe.

These projects make great introductions to garment sewing because they cost nothing and you already have the material to get started. Tackle just one of these projects and we know you’re going to be addicted to upcycling.

DIY Upcycled Sweatshirt

Sweater Restyle
visit dee*construction for the tutorial

How many stretched out sweatshirts do you have stuffed into your closet? You love the feel of them, but don’t exactly love looking frumpy. Now you can have a tailored, stylish shirt and your favorite sweatshirt all in one refashioned blazer. Click through to the tutorial to see how it’s done.

DIY Upcycled Jacket Vest

Jacket to Vest Refashion
visit Merricks Art for the tutorial

Here’s a perfect project to start with if you’ve never upcycled a garment. Take an old jacket and turn it into a fashionable vest by removing the sleeves and shortening the length. A simple solution and stylish result!

DIY Refashioned Blouse

Dotted Blouse Revamp
visit Zszywka for the tutorial

Ill-fitting blouses are easy to come by. You probably own a few yourself or came across a number of them on the racks of consignment stores. They’re almost awesome—the fabric is great and the pattern fun, but that fit is too dated. Luckily, in this series of clearly illustrated photos, you’ll see how to turn almost any loose fitting blouse into a stylish one that’s complete with bow tie.

DIY Refashioned Dolman Tee

Men’s Tee-Shirt to Dolman Tee
visit Trash to Couture for the tutorial

Here’s another simple solution to turning a boring garment—the tee shirt—into fashionable comfort. This is the perfect garment to dress up with a colorful statement necklace or scarf.

DIY Refashioned Knit Sweater

How To Crop A Knit Sweater
visit a pair & a spare for the tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to cut and sew a chunky knit—not as tricky as you might think. And since you’re starting with a thrift-store find or a tired, old sweater, it’s the perfect way to learn.

DIY Refashioned House Dress

House Dress Refashion
visit Melissa Esplin for the tutorial

This is just about the cutest refashion we’ve seen. The idea of turning a frumpy house dress into an amazing skirt with an elastic waistband is super cool! And guess what—it happened in only 30 minutes!

Have fun!

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