7 Easy-To-Sew Tree Ornaments

If there’s one piece of holiday decor that should be handcrafted, it’s the Christmas tree ornament. How lovely to unpack handmade treasures every year and reminisce about making them or who made them. They’re also easy to stitch and assemble, so it can be a fun, meditative way to unwind from the shopping and parties going on from now through December 25.

To help you start planning, we put together this list of some of our favorite DIY tutorials. From traditional to modern, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. ‘Tis the season for crafting fun!

DIY Vintage Felt Ornaments

Vintage Felt Baubles
Tutorial via Bugs and Fishes

DIY Felt Ogee Ornament

Felt Ogee Ornament
Tutorial via Betz White

DIY Christmas Pudding Ornament

Christmas Pudding Ornament
Tutorial via Where the Orchids Grow

DIY Tree Ornaments

Assorted Hand-Stitched Ornaments
Tutorial via Sew Mama Sew

DIY Embroidered Felt Bird

Embroidered Felt Bird Ornament
Tutorial via Sunshine’s Creations

DIY 3D Doily Ornaments

3D Doily Ornaments
Tutorial via Martha Stewart

DIY Simple Tree Felt Ornaments

Simple Tree Felt Ornaments
Tutorial via Handmade Charlotte

2 thoughts on “7 Easy-To-Sew Tree Ornaments

  1. Rosemary Reply

    Thank you for designing and presenting hand-made ornaments. There are may of us who enjoy handwork and do not have a fancy, expensive embroidery machine, so it’s refreshing to see some original hand work ideas.

  2. Christie Reply

    These are lovely, thank you for rounding them up! Some of the felt ornaments remind me of my early days of creating with my sister when we were little!

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