7 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

We couldn’t wait to share these 7 summer crafts because they are just bursting with creativity and color.  We specifically had the kids in mind this time, from clothes, to accessories, to art projects. Try these out when you have a free afternoon and let us know what you think!

A Beautiful Mess






















Doughnuts are all the rage these days and it’s pretty easy to tell why. But when you can’t eat one, why not snuggle up against one? I’m not ashamed to admit that like Mandi, I too indulged in a real doughnut this morning, but it wasn’t as pretty as her pillow! Mandi is a contributor for A Beautiful Mess, a gorgeous blog by Elise and Emma, where we found this project. She also has her own blog where you can find awesome tutorials and inspiration here.





















This A-line sleeveless dress from CraftFoxes looks adorable on its own but we can’t wait to see it in action! Such a simple yet insanely versatile cut. You can download this pattern and lots of others on their website!

Mad Mim






















Who says leggings are exclusively for the fall and winter? These babies can be worn all-year-round, made with a sweatshirt fleece or a lightweight knit! We’re in love with the bow accent and the convenience of a no-hem sewing project.  Get the step-by-step tutorial here and be sure to check out Mad Mim’s other cute projects!























What’s better than a towel? A hooded monster towel! And a lot of other things too I guess. If your kids hate bath time as much as I did, you know they need something to look forward to after. This towel is the perfect solution because it combines dress-up games with efficiency!

Me Sew Crazy





















Your kids should go back to school in style! Props to Jess for turning the Simple Simon and Co. Bustle Skirt pattern into a backpack! The best part about this project is how detailed it looks without being time consuming at all. Check out this tutorial and others featured on The Sewing Rabbit.

Mer Mag





















Stamps never seem to get enough credit. You know why stamps are awesome? They promote a different kind of creativity that allows kids to assign different characters and objects to simple shapes. It’s like cloud-watching, but even more imaginative! Make your own geometric stamp set like this one on Mer Mag!

Delia Creates










This Citrus Wedge Coin Purse literally makes my mouth water. Seriously cute for anyone in a summery mood, no matter what age. This super fun and simple tutorial from Delia Creates makes it a no-brainer. This thing is going to be in my bag by the end of the week.


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  1. Mike Goodman Reply

    Creating art out of different stamps will never get out of style. Kids then and now are always amaze by this craft..even those who are young at heart,

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