A Remake of a Classic!

We knew all along that quilter’s were using our Dual Duty Plus–the cotton-wrapped polyester thread–for quilting and, in particular, piecing. We also knew quilters prefer 100% cotton. When we introduced new Dual Duty XP, a 100% polyester thread, we didn’t forget the quilters. We increased the color range and amount of 100% cotton threads in our store assortments. That way we figured those who chose not to use Dual Duty XP for quilting (although it is really a great thread for quilting), would have plenty of cotton to choose from.

Well, quilters let us know (and were frankly, quite vocal about it) they still needed the cotton-covered, Dual Duty Plus.

We listened! We have used the new technology developed for Dual Duty XP to produce a smooth, low-lint cotton covered thread, but we didn’t stop there!

New Coats Cotton-covered is 35 wt thread for piecing and quilting. It is a 3-ply thread (Dual Duty Plus was 2-ply) for added strength and a rounder thread. It has the luster of cotton and the strength of polyester. It has beautiful stitch definition and a new finish to ensure consistent sewing performance.

Look for it on the spa blue spool trap spool.

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