The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Alabama Chanin Book Giveaway!

The Geometry of Hand-Sewing: A Romance in Stitches and Embroidery from Alabama Chanin and The School of Making is truly a love story of about hand stitching. Natalie Chanin describes the book as a labor of love, but you will fall in love with the process of perfect hand sewing as you flip page after page.

Chanin says in the introduction, “I’m not a mathematician, but I am a designer who loves geometry, that is, the relationship among points, lines and surfaces.”  This is true for many of us who sew or quilt- we enjoy putting lines together to form something of beauty.

There are so many things to love about this book. On the practical side, it is spiral-bound book making it easy to follow while stitching.  All 100 stitches are pictured, front and back and with diagrams!

And did we mention the stitch cards? No, not those cardboard things you stitched with yarn when you were little, but a similar concept. The book comes with 2 plastic removable sheets that have grids to follow for perfectly even stitches. You can practice on the cards themselves, or use them to mark the fabric.  Each grid on the card is scaled in 3 sizes.

Of course, one of the things we like best is that our Coats & Clark Button & Craft thread is recommended for the distinctive techniques used in Alabama Chanin clothing. Details of Alabama Chanin garments are also shown throughout the book. Our Button & Craft thread is strong and has a glace finish which prevents it from knotting, twisting or fraying when hand sewing. We will be giving away a copy but if you want to be sure to have the book, you can find it here.


We are giving an assortment of Alabama Chanin’s favorite colors of Coats Button & Craft thread- 11 spools total to 2 lucky winners. The Grand Prize winner will receive the thread and a signed copy of “The Geometry of Hand-Sewing”. The contest will run April 2 through April 16. It is open to residents of the US and Canada.


About Alabama Chanin:

The company that has become what Alabama Chanin is today began early in 2000 with the creation of hand-sewn garments made from cotton jersey t-shirts by founder and slow design pioneer Natalie Chanin.

We are a leader in elevated craft due to a strong belief in tradition and dedication to locally sewn garments and goods—both hand and machine-sewn. We maintain responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices holding ourselves to the highest standards for quality. We are makers and educators, working to elevate and merge design, craft, and fashion.

At Alabama Chanin, we preserve traditions of community, design, producing, and living arts by examining work and life through the acts of storytelling, photography, education, and making.


About The School of Making:

The School of Making is an overseeing body that directs and innovates Alabama Chanin’s learning initiatives and educational programs. This arm of the Alabama Chanin Family of Businesses oversees DIY, Host a Party, Build a Wardrobe, and workshop programming, format, and content; it acts as a researching body for new subjects and new ways of disseminating information. The School of Making is an active voice in our local community, our state, and the making community, at large.

Alabama Chanin, as a concept and a company, began as a DIY enterprise. In the 2000s, our workshop programming was a natural outgrowth of the emerging DIY initiative growing around us. Our experiences showed us that face-to-face and hand-to-hand contact helped our customers better understand the what, why, and how of our making processes and the importance of an organic supply chain. DIY offerings expanded, our workshop offerings became more diverse, and our Journal content added additional DIY instruction, stories, and ideas. Natalie’s The School of Making Book Series open sources our techniques and materials, which grew from our commitment to sustainability. Doing so allows us to make living arts accessible to all consumers.



29 thoughts on “The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Alabama Chanin Book Giveaway!

  1. Joanne Reply

    Love Natalie and Alabama Chanin. It’s on my bucket list to take a workshop at the School of Making.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Roni S Sher Reply

    I love Alabama Chanin – how fun it would be to have this book.

  3. Sabrina van Ginkel Reply

    I love Alabama Chanin. I am from Huntsville Alabama and went to school in Florence at the University of North Alabama. I would love to go up there some time and visit her company.

  4. Sherry Reply

    I learned a lot of these stitches from my grandma, in the late 60’s early 70’s first hand would love the book, for visual and study.

  5. Annette Millard Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway!! I love what Natalie does and purchased her first Craftsy class. Looks like there’s a new one, too and now I need the book!

  6. Suzanne R Reply

    Looks like a real treasure for those of us who love hand sewing. Thank you!

  7. Bev Reply

    I am working on hand embroidery stitches’.I feel it is a lost art and this book, is a treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woulsd LOVE to have a copy!

  8. Susan Reply

    There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than hand sewing!!! I would absolutely love to win this!

  9. SherryG Reply

    Oh what a great giveaway! I enjoy hand sewing so much. Would love to attend a workshop but I live in California. The next best thing would be to win this wonderful book. Thanks for the class.

  10. Cindy Guevara Reply

    I have always enjoyed doing all kinds of Needlework. As a young girl my Mother would give us pillowcases she had iron on stamped and we would sit on the porch and embroidery.

  11. Nancy Parrish Reply

    I love the look of hand sewn details on fabric. Would love to have the book to guide me. And to try the threads would be an extra treat.

  12. JUNE bONFIELD Reply

    wow I cant believe I could win this !!! the book would be fabulous to have in hand…thank you for this opportunity. I have always used Coats thread… is a value I would be lost without!

  13. Karen Wicker Reply

    love coats thread…book looks wonderful and with lots of information..would be a nice one to start my collection with..thank you for the opportunity to win

  14. PJ Miller Reply

    Annoying! Promo says open until April 16th, but when I click the link to enter I get a “sorry, this has ended.”

  15. Nina Reply

    I’m also having trouble entering the contest! Says it ended but the post says it’s open until April 16th and today is only April 12th… 🙁

  16. Rose Marie Reply

    I love the AC look! I have tried practicing some AC stitches on small scraps but I find my stitches are not very smooth and regular. I have a T-shirt kit that I am wanting to make but I won’t until I can figure out how to keep my stitches controlled.

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      This book will definitely help you with making consistent stitches!

  17. Christine Acampa Reply

    After years and years of knitting, I am expanding and returning to embroidery. I came upon your book and would be delighted to have a copy. Also would purchase it, if available. Please let me know if this is possible.

    I still have the apron my Aunt Louisa made for me when I was three or four years old. I am now 70.

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