Baby Bibs- Try a new thread or stitch

CS 244 BibsBabies and toddlers always need bibs to help keep them neat and tidy while they eat, drool and learn to drink. Baby bibs are a great place to try out new threads, new techniques and some of those illusive decorative stitches that come with your sewing machine.CS 244 Bibs 2
Think practical when choosing bib fabrics—something dark to hide stains, something comfy against baby’s skin as a lining and of course, something durable to withstand repeated washings. Cotton denim works well as it’s rugged, easy to sew and comes in myriad colors, though blue is certainly traditional. For a lining, choose a soft terrycloth or Minkie-like plush. A simple hook-and-loop closure makes for a quick put on/take off process.CS 244 Bibs 3
Use Coats Dual Duty XP All-Purpose thread  for construction, but line up the threads for decorative stitching—from Coats  Jeans/Topstitching to Coats Polyester Embroidery, Coats All-Purpose variegated and even Cotton Machine Quilting Thread.  Include some rickrack and trims to combine into fun embellishments.CS 244 Bibs 4
Here’s the easy to follow instructions for making the bibs—let your imagination be your guide for embellishing.

Baby Bib Trio Instructions and Pattern

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