Back-To-School Sewing Projects

It’s that time again! Fall is just around the corner and the house is flooding with schoolbooks. Instead of going out to buy your back-to-school materials, why not make them this year? We’ve brought you some of are favorite projects for this time of year from a lunchbox bag to an artist’s roll. Wondering what that is? Well study up and get sewing!

Felt Pencil Case DIY from Martha Stewart

This Felt Pencil Case DIY from Martha Stewart is an amazingly easy five-step process. The best part is the felt won’t fray no matter how much wear and tear it gets!

Fabric Covered Notebook DIY from The Ribbon Retreat

This Fabric Covered Notebook DIY from The Ribbon Retreat will make sure you’re little one is never without a writing utensil when they’re in need. This notebook makes the perfect partner in crime for any student.

Artist's Roll DIY by Ellison Lane

Here it is! The answer to all of your questions. This Artist’s Roll DIY by Ellison Lane is an alternative to the pencil pouch, for all those aspiring artists out there. Classy, huh?

Duffle Bag Tutorial from Sew Some Stuff

I love how colorful and convenient this Duffle Bag is from Sew Some Stuff. And guess what? It’s made out of pillow cases! I also go crazy over any bag with more than one pocket, so this bag take the cake! Perfect for gym class or sleepovers.

Lunchbox Bag from Craft Passion

This Lunchbox Bag from Craft Passion is an awesome idea for all ages, from kids to grandparents! The drawstring inside is the perfect insurance that nothing will fall out of the bag on the way to school!


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