Bandage Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Bandage Skirt Sewing Tutorial

When we think bandage skirt, there can sometimes be a bit of a cringe — but not every bandage style has to be skin-tight! We love the pattern of a bandage skirt, without the typical grip to form, so we love this tutorial from Family Ever After for making a bandage style skirt that embraces the wrapped pattern but adds a lining for comfort and fit. It’s easy to follow and only requires a yard of your fabric — easy peasy!

This tutorial is great for sewing with knits, because adding a lining makes it easier to avoid those common form-fitting issues that come with sewing with a stretch material. The patched “wrap” pattern of the skirt also adds an interesting element, if you’re looking for the pencil shape with some extra detail. We love that you can add a contrasting elastic waistband, or blend in the waistband by creating one with your main fabric since it has stretch to it as well.

Bandage Skirt Sewing TutorialThe best thing about making this yourself is you can choose to make it as snug or loose as you feel comfortable. Remember that most knits have about a 30% shrink on them, so make sure you purchase extra fabric and wash before sewing! The patchwork element to the skirt makes it an opportunity to use a couple of different colored knits if you want — the sky’s the limit!

Bandage Skirt Sewing TutorialCreating a pattern for something like this is easy and definitely pays off in the long run. No one wants to end up with a perfect skirt, without the template to make it again, all that work lost! You can purchase pattern material from most fabric stores, but you can also use a less expensive butcher paper from office supply stores that offers stability and the ability to erase and re-draft if you’re creating a pattern from scratch. Find the full tutorial here!

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