Beep! Beep! A Modern Quilt for the Modern Tike

Decor for kids’ rooms just keeps getting cuter and cuter, and modern quilts for little ones are no exception. We love quilts because they’re both useful for warmth and decorating, and if it’s extra special it can be hung for display. Modern quilts remind us that quilting isn’t just an art of the past — and if you’re up for it, you can make one for someone really really special to you (they’re a lot of work!). Check out this modern Beep! Beep! quilt with a transportation theme that we love for a baby or child of any age.

This quilt pattern uses very basic machine applique so if you’ve never done it before it isn’t impossible to tackle. All signal templates are included, and can be used in a separate project after the quilt — we’re thinking appliqued chair pillow to round out the set.

If you love the blanket but have never done any top quilting before, many fabric and quilt shops have recommendations for folks that will take care of the quilting for you so you can sew it up and hand it off!  If you’re brave with the quilting, we like that the stitching in this pattern is used to create blocks instead of the traditional piecing method which can make  cutting and sewing less time-consuming.
Do you have a little one in your life that would love this quilt?
Find the pattern for the Beep! Beep! quilt at Lella Boutique.

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