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When you’re in the mood for bold, fun, and colorful crafts look no further than the super creative Larissa Holland’s blog, mmmcrafts. Go there to find free patterns, cheery tutorials, helpful alteration instructions, and lots of kids crafts. What sets this blog apart—besides the fun-to-read posts (thanks to Larissa’s cheeky humor)—are the professional-looking illustrations that accompany each tutorial (thanks to Larissa’s graphic design background).

To give you a taste of what this blog is all about, we chose 5 of our favorite sewing projects. You’re going to be hooked!

DIY Tufted Chair Cushions

DIY Tufted Chair Cushions

Almost everyone with a dining room table could use a set of chair cushions, and the good news is that it took only four days to make six. The tutorial shows how to draft your own pattern based on your chairs’ specific measurements, construct the cushion, and apply the piping.

DIY Messenger Bags

DIY Messenger Bag

These messenger bags are pretty much a must sew for anyone. Who doesn’t need a cute, practical bag or know someone who’d like to be gifted one? Bags are always a great project for the beginning sewer, and what’s great about this one is you can customize the flap with your own applique design.

DIY Denim Skirt With Tucks

DIY Denim Skirt With Tucks

Here’s an easy way to dress up a simple skirt pattern with easy-to-make tucks—and if you’re feeling up to it, a ready to wear–inspired waistband. Always be sure to read through each tutorial to the end because Larissa often shares helpful tips for improvements on the original instructions based on her real-life road tests.

DIY Tooth Pillow

DIY Tooth Pillow

If you have a kiddo in the family, they’re going to need one of these so why not make it from scratch? These guys have loops for hanging on the door and there’s a built in pocket in the mouth for teeth and coins. Plus, all the detailing is super cute!

Skirt Lining Tutorial

Other great finds on the mmmcraft site are tutorials for tailor fitting a T-shirt (who doesn’t want that?) and inserting a quickie skirt lining, perfect for combating clingy tights this winter!

Larissa also sells fabulous PDF patterns for cute toys, costume pieces, and stuffies through her Etsy shop!

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  1. Larissa Reply

    Wow, I just saw this fabulous post! I’m so glad you enjoy my projects. Made my day, thanks so much. 🙂

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