Blog Crush: Sew Caroline’s Infinite Inspiration

We’re certain you can never have too many projects on the waiting list, always ready for the perfect sewing occasion. We’re crushing on Sew Caroline, a blog full of sewing tutorials that truly encompass a huge range of projects for apparel, home accessories, and more that will be sure to add to your to-do collection. We are crazy about her well-photographed and easy-to-follow sewing tutorials, and know you will, too!

Ready for 7 awesome projects from beginner to advanced levels? We’ll share some tips along the way, so follow our list of top picks from Sew Caroline.

1. Ten Minute Maxi Skirt

Ten Minute Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineThis skirt is unbelievably easy, a great jumping-off point if you’re interested in sewing skirts. It employs super simple methods of construction that can later be elaborated on depending on how polished you’d like your work to be. Working with knits can be easy if you have the right tools, and we recommend you use a ballpoint needle for a project with a jersey knit like this one. Stretch needles have pointy tips that are a bit much for these softer stretch fabrics, so keep those tucked away for spandex and rayon stretch sewing!

2. Ombre Chevron Tote Bag

Ombre Chevron Tote Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineGet your feet wet in patchwork with this beautiful ombre tote bag, especially if you just want to warm up your piecing skills on something smaller than a blanket. Piecing allows for great opportunities in creating an ombre fade, so hit up your favorite fabric store and select colors that create a gradient along the same hue! Caroline makes the process easy with a great “trick” for getting triangles pieced, and we recommend you use Coats & Clark Mercerized Cotton for piecing your cotton fabrics, as it’ll give you the least amount of bulge in your seams and still provide excellent strength in your project. If you’re using materials made from different fibers for this project, we also recommend you pre-wash before sewing so things don’t shrink at different rates after sewing.

3. DIY Geometric Fabric Coaster

DIY Geometric Coaster Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineThis project reminds us of origami, a style that transfers beautifully to fabric. These coasters sew up very quickly with a fun opportunity for selecting coordinating fabrics, and make for a great gifting opportunity. Each coaster requires very little fabric, so they also make for great stash busters. We can also see these made in larger sizes for potholders, floor mats, and color squares for teaching little ones their colors!

4. DIY Kimono Top

DIY Kimono Top Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineFall is creeping up on us, and this kimono top makes a great cover up for chilly evenings. They’re so easy to make and use only about a yard of wide fabric, that it’s easy to make this a wardrobe staple in a few different fabrics and patterns. Paired with a belt, instant dressy top!

5. Coffee Sack Pillow

Coffee Sack Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineWe’re smitten over these pillows, a really awesome way to add some variety to a simple pillow shape. We love the structure that the coffee sack adds, but the neutral color also pairs greatly with any fabric you choose. If you’re not sure where to find coffee sacks, you can scout them out at antique & flea markets, but also check with your local coffee roasters as they’re usually willing to part with them at a small cost. Choose something super soft for the other side to contrast the rough coffee sack side, perfect for resting against without sacrificing comfort.

6. Tank Dress DIY

DIY Tank Dress Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineA simple tank dress is a great way to make it look like you’re wearing a skirt & shirt, but it’s all slipped on in one simple garment! Use an old tank top or t-shirt you already own to achieve this look, which also takes the guesswork out of creating a shirt from scratch which can be cumbersome for a beginning sewist. This tutorial guides you through making a ruffled skirt with a bow, a technique you can use to make a separate skirt if you prefer not to make it in to a dress. Have some fun with the belt, too — we can see great opportunities for tying it in the back, creating a thinner, flat belt, and much more!

7. Ruffled Fold-over Clutch

DIY Ruffled Foldover Clutch Sewing Tutorial from Sew CarolineYou really can never have too many clutches, our new favorite way to hold our essentials when a large bag isn’t necessary. The great thing about making one yourself is you can pair it perfectly to your wardrobe, selecting fabrics for daytime use and nighttime use. The ruffle in this tutorial adds a great feminine touch, and is a great skill to have if you’re looking to add a ruffle accent elsewhere, such as on pillows or curtains.

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