Child’s Sewing and Craft Party

Child's Sewing Craft Party thread cake pops

I am passionate about passing the love of sewing and making to younger generations, so I really, really love the idea of a Child’s Sewing and Craft Party! There are SEW many crafty party ideas and fabulous pictures out in cyber land right now.  I chose a few to get you started with planning – I bet you’ll find more!

Child's Sewing Craft Party decorations

Kara’s Party Ideas had very fun decor to buy for a Child’s Sewing and Craft Party, but I wanted things we could make. The ideas are fabulous, though, click here to see. Next I found delicious cake pops that look like the best thread ever and more adorable sewing party ideas on the Living Locurto blog – click here, It took me a bit to find the Thread Cake Pop instructions, but I did – click here!  If you’d like more inspiration, click here for lots of Sewing Themed Cakes on the Crafterhours blog. Cake, pops or cupcakes don’t have to be elaborate, but I know you’ll find ideas you can use! Warning: you could spend a whole afternoon looking at these. Hmmm? Wonder how I know that!?

Child's Sewing Craft Party crown

To set the mood, crown each attendee with a “Sewing Royalty” Crown as they arrive. You’ll have a wonderful time making each one unique and the kids will love them. You may want to pre-make the crowns and plan decorating as a party activity. Have buttons, sequins, trims and felt available along with a good fabric glue like Fabri-Tac for a cool, crafty ice-breaker! Click here for a wonderful tutorial on the Juicy Bits blog.

Games! Just to get you started, could you create a sewing pattern covered piñata with spools of thread, buttons and candy inside? How about Pin the Sleeve On The Pattern or Put The Thread on The Sewing Machine? Print a picture from the internet and have it enlarged on poster board at your local print shop. A “guess-how-many” game jar filled with buttons or threads would be fun, too!

Child's Sewing Craft Party letters

Once the kids are engaged and into the Child’s Sewing and Craft Party theme, you’ll want to have a couple of activities ready!

“Quilt” Your Initial

  • This isn’t actual quilting, but gives your future sewists a chance to piece together shapes and colors and is a great intro to the love of fabric and quilting. Click here for a tutorial on the Craftree blog.
  • Gather up your scraps or buy a little stack of fat quarters to cut into shapes. You’ll need paper mache or wood letters, Mod Podge, a paintbrush and acrylic paint. You’ll want the letters to dry as much as possible before they are taken home, so do this craft first. If it’s a sunny day, they can dry outside.

Monogrammed Totes or Aprons

Click here for a post I wrote earlier this year on monogramming a tote bag. It will give you more info and confidence! Here are my hints for adapting these for your party:

  • Purchase or make solid color totes or aprons – one for each child.
  • Prep Monogram fabrics before the party by ironing fusible web to the back of 12” x 12” pieces of print fabrics. Purchase re-positionable fusible web that sticks without ironing so your budding sewists can easily decide where they want their monogram to go!
  • For the letters, have stencils ready or let the kids draw their own intial to cut out.
  • Once the letters are cut and positioned, you or your helper should do the ironing to permanently adhere the monograms. For the sake of safety, it’s best not to have little hands using an iron at a party!

Learn to Sew

  • While the monograms are being pressed, gather the kids for a “sewists in waiting” activity and teach them a little hand sewing. Click here for a great step-by-step on how to teach the kids. The prep ideas are terrific!

Child's Sewing Craft Party favor bag

You’ve thoroughly inspired your Child’s Sewing and Craft Party attendees, now send them home with a sweet little bag of sewing “favors”. Look for dollar notions or another good sale. Definitely pick up a spool of Coats Dual Duty thread for each potential sewist, so you’re starting them off with good thread!   Cheap thread creates frustration and the idea here is to encourage. Add a tape measure, small pieces of fabric and needles so they can sew at home. Depending on their ages, one of your activities could be sewing their own simple bag or you could print instructions to send home with them. Click here for an adorable drawstring pouch tutorial on the Retro Mama blog.

Child's Sewing Craft Party cake

There are SEW many ways to make this a fun, inspirational event – this is just a start. The treats will be yummy, but this is a party with a purpose. It might even turn into a once a month Summer Sewing Club! Pass on your passion for the value of sewing and making through a Child’s Sewing and Craft Party – you’ll love it and the kids will, too.

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