Coats Denim Thread

Coats Denim thread has a heather appearance that blends in with denim fabric making it a great choice for seams and topstitching. It also blends well when mending or repairing jeans. Use a size 11 or 14 machine needle or a 7 or 8 for hand sewing.


  • Goldenrod Snap Trap Spool
  • Extra strong, polyester core thread
  • Heather appearance blends with denim
  • 30 weight
  • 32% cotton wrap
  • 68% Polyester Core


Article Number: S976
Product Length: 125 yards
Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water
Oxygen bleach recommended, no chlorine bleach
Tumble dry, medium iron, high heat
Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy benzines); normal process


4665 Denim Blue


One thought on “Coats Denim Thread

  1. Patricia Reply

    I’ve waited decades for this kind of color for less obvious jeans repairs. Thank you.

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