Cool Carry-Alls for the College Bound

Heading off to college or even a new job is always best with a new bag or tote. These cool, handmade carry-alls for your college bound loved ones are designed to be practical as well as stylish and enjoyable to sew. I had fun finding them and you’ll have fun making each one!

Image Source: Sew Mama Sew blog

Laptop Bag

Laptops are required supplies for the tech-age college-bound, so why not sew a fabulous bag to carry it from class to class? Guest blogger Joy created a gorgeous Laptop Bag for the Sew Mama Sew blog that your student will totally love for back to school! It’s a detailed design that’s all utility on the inside and all trendy amazingness on the outside. There’s a handy inner hook-n-loop closure pocket for power cords or a mouse (tech, not animal), padding for the laptop’s safety and plenty of room for a notepad, book or a snack. Follow Joy’s directions carefully as she leads you skillfully through the detailed cutting, sewing and assembly of this wonderfully protective bag. Joy mentions that she would probably make the strap on this great bag longer next time, so you may want to add a little length to yours from the start. Click here for the tutorial on the Sew Mama Sew blog.

Image Source: Crazy Little Projects blog

Messenger Bag

Books, binders, notes, pens, snacks, makeup – how can a college bound student keep it all together between dorm and class? In a marvelously designed, handmade Messenger Bag, of course! Amber of the Crazy Little Projects blog loves to sew bags and made several versions of this perfect pack-it-all. You’ll love the one I chose and her School Messenger Bag version with it’s zippered pencil pocket, plus all the other bags she’s linked in her post. This version has roomy inside pockets for essentials like a cell phone or a pack of tissues. It could easily be customized depending on where you sew the dividing lines! Amber’s directions are terrific and include links to videos with lots of how-tos including perfectly stitched round corners. This bag would be a great canvas for the dynamic designs of Free Spirit fabrics – paired with ultimate roominess, you’ll have near bag-perfection when you’re done! Click here for the Messenger Bag tutorial.

Image Source: Dog Under My Desk blog

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

Help your college-bound student avoid the pain of lost, tangled or smashed earbuds with an easy-to-sew Zippered Earbud Pouch!  I chose this pouch tutorial for it’s practical fabulousness and was thrilled to find that it’s so quick to stitch from scraps, fat quarters or 5” charm squares.  Erin wrote this clear, tutorial for the Dog Under My Desk blog and included a free template or an optional $5 pattern version.  She includes a clever method for assembling the zipper side of the pouch that even a beginner can follow. And, her tips for sewing in a circle while maintaining its roundness are simple and marvelous! Just after I chose this tutorial, I found my sewing buddy, Fonnell,  stitching up the same design. She’s made them many times and likes to use a carabiner hook to attach it to her purse or back pack. A great idea! Click here for the Earbud Pouch tutorial.

Image Source: Skip to My Lou blog

Pleated Zipper Pouch

Cindy of the Skip to My Lou blog designed this adorable, multi-use Pleated Pouch with a nicely secure zippered top. If you suffer from zipper fear, Cindy is your girl – she makes it easy-peasy with her clear, concise, newbie-friendly instructions. As she says “think of all the things you can make” once you conquer the uber-useful zipper! Beyond the zipper, Cindy’s pouch is super simple with just a few cutting and sewing steps. Honestly, this may be the pouch of the year! Your college-bound sweetie will love it for makeup, pens, pencils, calculators and more. But, don’t stop there. You really should “try it out” for yourself, too – right?! Click here for the Pleated Pouch tutorial and have a bit of stitchy, pouchy fabric fun!

I hinted at this in the last project, but these carry-alls would be perfect for you, too! Fabric shopping will be fun for these and you can coordinate topstitching thread to add a professional touch. Enjoy designing print combinations and consider using a metallic or team colors zipper to add to the bag’s self-styled uniqueness. Think about gifts, also. It’s never too soon to start planning and a new bag or pouch is always welcome.  You’ll have a great time stitching up stacks of these handy helpers!

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