Cozy Boot Liners

Boot LinersFuzzy warm fleece is ideal for boot liners. Rubber rain boots are always fun for walking and jumping in mud puddles, but sometimes a little extra warmth is good.This is a quick and easy project to sew up for everyone in the family- kids and grown-ups.


Coats Dual Duty XP All-purpose thread, to match

¾ yd (68.58cm) fleece

½ yd (45.72cm) 1 ½” (3.81cm) elastic

Pattern tracing cloth paper

The boot liners can be made to fit anyone because you will use the boot itself to create a pattern. boot liners

To make the boot liner pattern, lay the boot on its side over the tracing cloth and outline the upper portion of the boot shape, stopping just below the ankle bend. Push down on the boot to flatten it as you trace. Generally, the back will be a slight curve and the front will be almost straight. Straighten the center front and make a note to cut that edge on the fold. (Note: Don’t add any seam allowances, as the fleece stretches.) Add 8” (20.32cm) to the upper edge of your pattern shape for the cuff and gently curve the lower edge. Cut out the boot liner pattern.

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