Create the Perfect Ironing Station

Beyond a comfy spot for sewing, every sewist needs a great, functional ironing station, too. So in the midst of all the Spring dusting, decluttering, sorting and scrubbing, let’s take a break and plan to Spring Clean your ironing spot!

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Recover your Ironing Board

First things first. Unless your ironing board has been recovered in the last year, it’s probably pretty dreary.  And, if you’re like me, you want something that makes you smile when you’re pressing and ready-made covers are just too dull. Jess of the Me Sew Crazy blog understands this dilemma and wrote a post on making your own custom ironing board cover for the Pellon blog. You’ll need about 2 yards of fabulous cotton fabric and specialized Pellon batting and fleece products that are perfect for ironing. Jess lays out simple steps for measuring your ironing board to create a pattern, assembling your layers and stitching together a simple, rewarding cover. And, while you’re at it, why not make more than one. Then you can change your cover according to your mood or the season!  Click here for the tutorial on the Pellon blog.

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Portable Ironing Board

If space is tight or your ironing supplies need to travel, Becky of the Patchwork Posse blog has a great solution for you.  You can create your own portable ironing board! The size is up to you and depends on where you want to use your board. You’ll need batting as in the recover post above, fabric for a cover and scrap wood. You may find a piece that’s just right in the workshop or in the “remnants” at the lumber yard. Just be sure it’s not treated wood. Following Becky’s instructions you’ll cover your board with batting, wrap the edges and get cozy with your staple gun. Before you know it, you’ll have a petite ironing board just the size you need. And, wouldn’t these make great gifts for your sewing/quilting friends or anyone who lives in a small space!? Click here for the Portable Ironing Board tutorial.

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Ironing Board Organizer

Oh, my – I’m so excited about this one and must make myself one soon! Bev of the Flamingo Toes blog found that she was frequently at her ironing station and missing the tools she needed. Since she’s a resourceful sewist, she designed a marvelous Ironing Board Organizer to hold scissors, measuring tapes, marking pens and more. The organizer includes pockets on either side so there’s plenty of room for whatever.  Bev wisely bound the top edges of the pockets to keep them sturdy and help prevent them stretching out of shape. You’ll need just a bit of fabric, fusible fleece and fiberfill. Be sure to measure the width of your ironing board before you start to cut. From there you’ll just follow Bev’s clear instructions and fall in love with your organizer once it’s done! Click here for Bev’s tutorial.


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Dream Ironing Center

While you’re planning and dreaming, you might as well go for the ultimate – the perfect Ironing Station! Shared by Gale on the Quilting Board message board, this Dream Ironing Center made my sewing heart beat pretty fast. It’s just amazing! Gale started with a plywood base and attached wheels so it can be moved as needed.  Once the base was done, she added white storage cubes you can find at your nearest craft store. And, here’s the most delicious part of this Ironing Station – you can create what will best fit your personal needs! Gale included space for her iron to rest, a power strip, spray bottle spot and a place to stash scraps.  The top of this wonder station is a piece of plywood covered as we’ve learned about above. Click here to read Gale’s hints on creating your own Dream Ironing Center.

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My last tip is about colors and fabrics. We sewists are visual creatures and what we are surrounded with while we create is important. Even if you’re making a portable Ironing Station, treat yourself to colors and fabrics that you love. My sewing ironing board is covered in a gorgeous Free Spirit fabric. It makes me smile every time I use it. I have a few suggestions above from Philip Jacobs Spring 2017 collection for Free Spirit Fabrics.  Click, browse, pick whatever brings you bliss and prepare to iron with joy!

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  1. Estella Fitz Reply

    I LIKE THIS ARTICLE. My mother would take our old flower covered or plain white sheets to cover the ironing board and I have followed in her footsteps.

    • Annette Millard Post authorReply

      Thank you Estella! What a wonderful memory and a great way to upcycle sheets!!

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