Customize Curtains with Phoomph Grommets

Grommet top curtains are very popular.  They are clean, simple and require less fabric than pleated curtains.  Plus grommets are a hot trend.  Just take a look at all the grommet details found in purses and tote bags.  Grommets are everywhere!


Have you thought about making grommet curtains for your own home only to realize that the expense of purchasing all the grommets that you needed really shot up the cost of the project?

Or that the grommets  required special equipment like cutters and setters to get the job done?

Wouldn’t  it be great if there was an easier and more affordable way to make grommet curtains for your own home?

I had a brainstorm one day and wished for grommet forms that I could cover with fabric, like button forms.  Wouldn’t that be a fun idea?… to have a coordinating fabric grommet!  I put that thought in the back of my mind and then unexpectedly found a great new product called Phoomph from Coats and Clark, a fabric bonding sheet that adds structure to fabric.  I knew that this would be the perfect product to make fabric grommets!

This project is fun, easy and affordable.  See how to make Phoomph fabric grommets below and visit my blog to see the complete step-by-step tutorial.

To make fabric grommets use the stiff version of Phoomph


Cut the grommet fabric and peel away the covering off one side of the Phoomph.


Smooth the fabric over the sticky surface. Do not peel away the covering off of the reverse side.


On the reverse side of the Phoomph mark for the grommets. Mark the outside diameter and inside diameter of the grommets.


Cut out the grommets using small, sharp scissors.


Mark for the grommet placement along the top of your curtain. Plan to space the grommets about six inches apart (on center).


Take the curtain to the sewing machine and straight stitch or zigzag around each circle to hold the layers together. After all the circles are sewn, peel away the backing from the fabric grommets and stick them over each hole.


Thread the curtain pole rod through the grommets.


The finished curtain with custom Phoomph grommets.