Cute Bunny Fob for Kid’s Crafting!

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Spring has Sprung!
The grass is green, the trees are blooming and the tulips have emerged…it’s hard to believe that yesterday was April 1st! This unseasonably warm weather has made me very suspicious, because of course I can’t just stop and smell the roses (or tulips in this case). In Colorado, we’ve come to expect a huge snowstorm in the end of March, throughout the month of April, and perhaps one last hit on Mother’s Day. So I always cringe when I see the flowers start to pop up, knowing that they’ll die of frost soon enough. But I try and remain hopeful that the snow is behind us and that we’ll have great weather for Easter Sunday. An egg hunt just isn’t an egg hunt when it’s held inside!
Easter is a great holiday for making handmade gifts, seasonal décor and accessories. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, it’s fun to welcome spring with bunnies, chicks, eggs and candy. I’ve been trying to think of a cute project to make for my mom for Easter instead of the usual chocolate bunny. So I consulted the Sew it All website for inspiration.

In Sew it All Volume 3, I made a scissor case shaped like an elephant. So I decided to use that same idea to make a bunny shaped scissor fob. Here is the inspiration project (templates for the elephant are available here.) I gathered some odds and ends that I thought would make this project quick and easy: some white and pink felt, a heavyweight interfacing scrap, googly eyes, fabric paint and Coats Dual Duty XP pink all-purpose thread. I drew a couple of different bunnies on scrap paper to decide which size and shape would work for a pair of tiny scissors.

After cutting out the bunny template, I cut two bunnies from the white felt and one bunny from the interfacing.
I cut one bunny head (omitting the ears) from the white interfacing and two ovals from the pink felt to fit inside each ear. I sandwiched the interfacing bunny between the two white felt bunnies and secured them using temporary spray adhesive. Then I glued the pink ovals inside each ear.

I placed the white bunny head over the bunny bodies and stitched the head perimeter, leaving an opening along the left bunny ear edge.

I tied off all the thread tails on the wrong side, and then trimmed the bunny so all edges were even.

Next I glued on googly eyes and painted a nose and mouth with glitter fabric paint.

I inserted a small pair of scissors through the ear opening.

But if you’re making one of these for a kid, fill it with pixie sticks, pencils or art brushes!

This bunny scissor fob is a crafty cute project that you can complete in 20 minutes or less. It would even be fun to have some kids over and make a day out of creating several bunny fobs, just in case you need an activity for a snow day!

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