Denim DIY Days- 10 great Denim Projects

It’s the Denim DIY Days of August! Denim, Fall and Back-to-School go hand in hand, so we have pulled together 10 denim projects for you. Most start with a denim garment as the base and then are embellished or restyled. So hit the thrift store or you closet and get started.

Wild Flower and Wonky Bird Jacket

If you can thread a needle, you can create this funky jean jacket.

Band Together Tote

Whether you have old jeans around the house, or you’re a thrift store shopper, this casual bag is a great way to showcase the waistbands.

Band Together denim tote
Band Together Tote

Denim Chef’s Apron

These oversize aprons are made from a pair of jeans.

Denim Apron

Jeans Jacket

This is literally a “jeans” jacket. A pair of thrift store jeans was restyled into a stylish jacket.


Denim Bangles

Dollar store bangles wrapped with denim strips make a trendy accessory. The strips were topstitched with Coats Jeans Topstitching thread in the authentic red-orange color.

Denim Journal Cover 

Whether you’re covering a binder, a book, or a composition notebook, recycled denim is a great way to go. It’s fun to find an embellished pocket and re-purpose it. Adding top-stitching with Coats Jeans Thread accents the pocket.Denim book cover

Machine Embroidered Jean Jacket

Sarah of Goodbye Valentino “free styled” this jean jacket with Machine embroidery.

A Shir Thing Tote

Shirring on light weight denim creates the special affect on this great shoulder bag.

Denim Organizer

This pockets of this organzier are the “legs” of jeans. The original hem finished the top of the pocket.

Fun Denim Organizer

Denim Wrist Wallet 

Another project using the “pants leg”. Our Coats Jeans Zipper creates the pocket. Topstitching with our Jeans Topstitching thread makes it authentic.
Denim CuffWe have threads and zippers just for creating with denim.  For the traditional color of jeans topstitching select Coats Dula Duty  Jeans Thread.

For colored Denim, we offer 12 colors of Dual Duty Jeans & Topstitching thread.Coats Dual Duty Plus Threads For Jeans & Topstitching

When you are sewing seams or mending our Dual Duty Plus Denim thread blends right in.

If you need to add a zipper, our Coats Brass Jeans zippers are available in 7 and 9 inch lengths in 6 colors.


2 thoughts on “Denim DIY Days- 10 great Denim Projects

  1. Rose Ellison Reply

    I took some old shorts and cut out around the back pocket in a pot holder size. I sewed it to a piece of fleece, stuffed it and used a belt loop to make a loop for hanging it. I can put my hand into my pocket to get hot things out of my oven and I never burn my hand. I want to make a denim skort if you have any tips. Thanks!

    • lynnbrowne Post authorReply

      How clever! No tips on the skort- but there are a number of skirts-from-jeans out there.

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