DIY Leather Moccasins for Baby

by Handmade Charlotte

Baby shoes can be pretty expensive, especially considering they’ll be worn so few times, for such a short span of time. We love how they look, but they only stay little for so long! Check out this super simple tutorial for how to make your own leather moccasins for your babies and toddlers using leather scraps and a few quick stitches from A Beautiful Mess.

The simple overlap opening on these moccasins makes slipping them on easy, so little bunched feet won’t get in the way of getting them on. A thinner leather makes for easier sewing, and allows for more room for embellishment. Make sure you’re using a leather needle (can be found in all major sewing supply retailers) on your machine.This needle has a wedge-shaped point for piercing the leather and will prevent skipped stitches. Choose an all-purpose thread like Dual Duty XP.   Most everyday machines can only really get through the thin, floppy leather you’ll find in a fabric shop specializing in apparel and costume sewing, so be aware of the thickness you’re using so as to not damage your machine or break a dozen needles! If you’re making a few pairs of moccasins a variety of leather colors makes for a quick and easy new wardrobe of tiny footwear.

Leather is pretty grippy itself, and usually provides enough grip for walking on most surfaces. If you’re looking for a firmer grip to the ground for early walkers, you can find non-slip grip paint at a hardware store that you can paint onto the bottom of your moccasins a little extra protection.

Leather cuts with a clean finish so edges are no problem — just cut & sew! You’ll use an existing pair of shoes for a size gauge, or you can draw your own bottom template from your little one’s foot, allowing enough extra room so they don’t slip on too tight. Use a stencil or freehand paint after you sew for some fun moccasin accents!

Do you have a little one in your life that would love these cozy moccasins or is there a special new little one on the way? These are perfect shower gifts for start baby off in style!

Find the full tutorial with step by step instructions at A Beautiful Mess!

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