DIY No-Sew Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan Collar by Handmade Charlotte. Just another lickity-split project made of Phoomph!
Coats and Clark has hit a home run with Phoomph. The fabric bonding sheets have won my heart! We are going to share with you project after project in the next coming weeks that will have you running to the store for the new crafting superstar! Phoomph is awesome for everything from fun accesory fashion items to home decor projects. You won’t believe how fast these projects come together. I made this fun little collar for kids in just a few minutes.

Peter Pan Collar by Handmade Charlotte. Just another lickity-split DIY made of Phoomph!


-Water- Soluble marker


-TWO – 16” long ribbons (no larger than ½ “ – 1” width)

-Phoomph for fabrics, Soft

-2 contrasting fabric scraps (enough to over the entire sheet of phoomph)

-Peter Pan Template (2): Peter Pan


-2 Grommets and tool

Step 1: Cut out two of the template pieces and tape together at the center fold. Using a Tracing table (or a window with good sunlight) trace the template onto the fabric using a water-soluble pen.

Step 2: Peel off paper layer on one side of the phoomph and lay the tracing down face up, making sure to avoid getting any bumps or wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with your contrasting fabric on the opposite side.

Step 4: Carefully cut out your shape.

Step 5: Apply two small grommets at the top edge of the rounded collar as shown.

Step 6: Thread your ribbons through the grommets and tie in a tight knot on the backside of your collar.

You’re done!

Happy Phoomphing! Yeah!

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