DIY Organization for the New Year

There’s something about a New Year that inspires cleaning up and tossing out. It’s also the perfect time to think about new ways of corralling our stuff and creative DIY Organization projects!

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Easy Zippered Pouch

Tessa of The Sewing Chick blog developed this wonderful pouch to solve the problem of corners that don’t come out right and linings that don’t fit. So now you know why I fell in love with this super-adorable, super-useful DIY organization project! You’ll need just one fat quarter or a variety of scraps for the outside of your pouch, plus a lining fabric and a polyester  coil zipper. Tessa has really thought through the interfacing used to stabilize this darling pouch and generously shares her thoughts with you. You’ll learn the whys and why nots of what to choose and feel quite confident when you head for your local fabric shop. I love the step-by-step photos that include directions right on the images. That combined with Tessa’s no-fear zipper hints will make this one of your faves, too! Click here for the tutorial.

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Add a Zippered Pocket

This super practical idea from Kelsey of the Vanilla Joy blog is just plain fabulous! If you’ve ever wished you could add a zippered pocket to a purse or tote you’re making – now you can. You just can’t do life very well without pockets and lots of them! Kelsey’s directions are for a 10” x 8” pocket with a 9” zipper opening that you can use on the outside or inside of a purse or tote. Once you’ve mastered extra pocket creation with her meticulous instructions, you can design any size pocket you need. Just follow Kelsey and you’re DIY Organization skills will increase in no time. She apologizes for including so many “boring details”, but you’re actually going to love her step-by-steps! Click here for the tutorial on the Vanilla Joy blog.

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Fabric Storage Boxes

Just as there are never too many pockets, there are definitely never too many storage boxes! Joanne of the Craft Passion blog designed DIY organization boxes that are a totally fun way to use fabric in your home. Joanne’s instructions teach you to expertly cover a box of any size, so think about your needs first and carefully plan. There are a lot of supplies involved – be sure to print out the list and check it twice. I was very impressed with Joanne’s methods for creating smooth corners since that’s given me grief when covering a box before. I’ll definitely go with her technique next time! With her thorough directions you can make beautiful covered boxes for your sewing room, bath, bedroom or . . . everywhere! Wouldn’t they make wonderful shower gifts filled with new home or new baby supplies? Click here for Joanne’s tutorial and box it up!

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Embroidery Hoop Storage Pocket

Ros of the Sew Delicious blog designed a beautiful sewing or embroidery supply hoop that is decorative and splendidly useful. I would use a Susan Bates hoop to coordinate with my fabrics – the colors are so fun! You’ll need felt for the backing and batting for stabilizing along with a little glue for a bit of finishing. I love the magnetic needle/pin bar! Before you stitch your pockets, Ros advises that you choose the tools you’d like to store on your hoop so you can customize the widths.  This is a tremendously fun project that would make a great sewing or quilting guild door prize gift, but do try one for yourself first. Click here for the tutorial on the Sew Delicious blog.

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Sewing Machine Organizer Apron

Another helper for sewing machine organization! Marti of the Sewlicious Home Décor blog created an easy to assemble Organizer Apron that any sewist will love. Whether it’s for you or a friend, you’ll love how quick it is to stitch and Marti’s simple directions. And, before you panic, I did find a typo on the supply and cutting list. When it indicates feet, she really means inches. Everything else is great!

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I made a version of this wonderful sewing machine apron for my daughter-in-law as a gift. They live in a small space with no sewing area so her machine and supplies live in a closet. She loves being able to keep her essential tools rolled up in the apron pockets, ready to tuck under the machine when she’s ready to sew! Click here for Marti’s free Craftsy PDF pattern.

Now that I’ve mentioned the sewing room, I bet your  DIY organization wheels are really rolling. It’s one of the areas we who sew enjoy tidying up the most and making our own organizers is such a great fit. So, pick your project, head to the sewing machine and sew on into an organized New Year!


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