DIY Placket Pocket Tutorial

from Handmade Charlotte

Ready to learn some cool new techniques? Check out this absolutely flawless demonstration of a placket pocket. I found this expertly executed tutorial over on


Back to school thoughts have been running through my head for weeks now because my daughter Charlotte will be starting school this year. I wanted to make her a few special pieces just like my mother made my twin sister and me.
 I really love how this DIY tutorial explains in very detailed instructions how to achieve this super tailored look..

 I’m going to use these instructions to make a sweet cotton jacket for my soon-to-be kindergartner. Do you have a first timer going to school? I’m so excited for her and we’ve been planning for weeks. I’ll be sharing all kinds of fun things to make for back to school in the weeks to come.
Have fun with my favorite thread, Dual Duty XP

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