DIY Pocketed Pillowcase for Life’s Little Treasures

DIY Pillow with Pocket Sewing TutorialBed linens are a great excuse to do some sewing, especially if you have odd-sized pillows or are just eager to make them custom fit for a specific room or personality. We love this tutorial from Stitches & Crafts, a pocketed pillowcase that takes a twist with a few customizations from the popular Magic Pillowcase.

If you haven’t heard of the Magic Pillowcase, the process is truly “magic”, because with just a bit of layering and a single stitch, you’ve magically created hidden seams for a few pieces of fabric in your pillowcase! The process takes just a moment to grasp, but once you’ve got the technique down, you won’t make a pillowcase any other way again. This tutorial takes it a step further with an accent strip and pocket addition, perfect for stowing stuffed animals, fallen teeth, or worry dolls for sweet dreaming.

DIY Pocketed Pillowcase Sewing TutorialHave some fun selecting fabrics, even if you’re going monochromatic for this project. The addition of an accent strip makes it easy to create a dividing line between your main fabric and your edging, making it easy to pair some fun combinations.

This tutorial guides you through the steps of finishing your pillowcase with French seams, a really great technique we especially favor for delicate clothing and bed linens. The polished look leaves a gentle, flat interior and leaves out the bulk of extra stitches, while still providing enough stability so that you can wash it over & over without fraying. The trick is to make your exterior stitch slightly smaller than your interior stitch, so that all frayed edges are sure to be sealed on the inside of the seam.

DIY Pillow with PocketFind the full tutorial with instructions on completing your own pocketed pillow over at the Stitches & Crafts Blog!

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