DIY Prom Dress Creations You’ll Love

Ysabel Prom Dress 2015

Prom season is here and that means a lot of things! There’s that all important invitation, arranging for the limo and dinner, swept-up hair, perfect nails, gorgeous make up and . . . The Dress. Oh, yes, the Prom Dress and it’s incredible price tag! But, what if you could create a DIY Prom Dress that was stunning, unique and just what the Princess wanted? With a little help – you can!!

Ysabel Prom Dress 2015
Image Source: Ysabel YouTube

Ysabel’s One Week or So Prom Dresses

The DIY Prom Dresses created by high school age sewist, Ysabel are really amazing! She knew just what she wanted and advises simply “design, sketch and it will come together!” Ysabel’s YouTube video tutorials are designed to give you confidence and make sewing your own prom dress look easy.

Ysabel Prom Dress 2016
Image Source: Ysabel Hilado blog

With Ysabel’s excellent instructions that include the sewing supplies and techniques you’ll need, “easy” is achievable! You’ll learn how to line the bodice, create your own darts and use a dress form for fitting and design. She keeps the designs simple, so you can dream and imagine variations of your own! Click here for Ysabel’s Junior Prom gown video, then click here for her Senior Prom Dress blog post and here for another YouTube.

With Wendy Chiffon Dress
Image Source: With Wendy blog

Layers of Chiffon

On the With Wendy blog I found a gorgeous flowing chiffon gown with an easy to customize lace up back. Wendy’s friend, Natalie, needed a dress for a wedding she was attending, but this beautiful dress would be perfect as a DIY Prom Dress, too! Wendy suggests when to try the dress on to adjust the darts and neckline and offers hints on getting a great, no gapping fit. The double chiffon skirt is the shining star of this lovely design, so don’t skimp on fabric. Your wonderful custom-made dress will still be a bargain! You’ll enjoy following Wendy’s easy steps for sewing layers of chiffon and designing your own unique dress as you follow her wonderful tutorial and video. Click here for her blog post tutorial that includes a YouTube link.

Thrifted Transformations Prom Dress
Image Source: Thrifted Transformations

A Thrifted Transformation

You’re going to thoroughly enjoy this tutorial for a “made from two dresses” prom masterpiece! April of the Thrifted Transformations YouTube series makes amazing creations. You may want to watch the whole series once you’ve viewed her DIY Prom Dress re-fashion! To begin with, plan a day for seam ripping. It’s part of the “construction process” and April’s sequence for successful ripping makes it look like fun. Once your dresses are ripped, it’s time to re-size, re-fashion and re-sew! April offers lots of tips for confidence as she goes and you’ll love her simple instructions to just “cut, sew and wear”. It’s fun to watch her whacking off parts of the dresses that aren’t needed and delightful to see her fabulous creation at the end. You’ll love the pictures that show both dresses and the final design! Click here for April’s video tutorial.

Add sleeves to spaghetti straps
Image Source: Freshly Completed blog

Just a Little Re-Fashioning

You may not be starting from scratch on your DIY Prom Dress. Often there’s a thrifted or handed-down dress that just needs a wee bit of transformation. Allison of the Freshly Completed blog made a simple modesty change to a dress that you’ll find inspiring! She spent a few days thinking over how to add sleeves to a spaghetti strap design and came up with a wonderful solution. She was able to create sleeves from the matching, but not needed, jacket that came with the dress. The before and after pictures are terrific! You’ll enjoy following her steps and they’ll have you thinking about ways to add other embellishments. Lace, pearls, ribbons, tulle and chiffon can all be magic tools in the hands of a creative DIY Prom Dress sewist! Click here for the Spaghetti Strap Transformation tutorial.

Choosing Party Fabrics
Image Source: Threads Magazine Blog

Choosing and Sewing Luxury Fabrics

Now that you’re inspired with design ideas, you’ll need to choose an exquisite fabric for your DIY Prom Dress! If working with luxury fabrics makes you twitch a little, Judith Neukam is ready to help. She shares an exceptionally helpful excerpt from her past Sew Stylish article on the Threads Magazine blog. Judith will assure you that with just basic sewing skills you can easily choose and sew special occasion fabrics without fear.  She covers many of the details you’ll need to work with organza, dupioni, satin, velvet, leather, lace, brocade and metallic fabrics and you’ll feel like an expert after reading her post! Click here for Judith’s tips.

So, relax. The perfect Prom Dress doesn’t have to break your bank! With a little time, imagination and vision, you can do this. And, you’ll be glad you did!

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