DIY School Day Lunch Bags

A home packed lunch is a great way to send your love to school with the kids. A DIY Lunch Bag adds even more LOVE to that lunch and I’ve found four fabulous versions for you to enjoy today. Let’s take a look at how we can use our sewing skills to send unique joy with every lunch every day!

Image Source: Sew4 Home blog

Hints for DIY Lunch Bag Sewing

  • An even feed/walking foot is extremely useful for sewing through the multiple layers of an insulated bag and/or laminated fabric.
  • Take note of the needles and thread your project requires. You may need more than one color of Coats All Purpose thread as well as Dual Duty XP Heavy Weight thread for topstitching.
  • Fusible fleece is excellent for padding and adding stability to your Lunch Bag, but you’ll want an insulated batting to keep food cold and safe until lunchtime. Leave room in your bag for an ice pack or two, also.
  • Basting Spray is perfect for securing layers of fabric, batting and lining together while stitching. Spray little puffs rather than a wide sweeping spray to help keep your work area clean.
  • If you own plastic sewing clips, this is the time to use them instead of pins. If you don’t own them, this may be the time to purchase a set. They hold multiple layers together so much more neatly than straight pins!
Image Source: Sew4Home blog

Insulated Laminated Lunch Bag

If you’re looking for a practical, well put-together DIY Lunch Bag, you’re going to love the bag designed by Alicia and sewn by Liz of the Sew4Home blog. The attention to detail in this project is fabulous and the directions Liz wrote will lead you carefully down the road to pro-style success. This is not a quickie, beginner project, but it’s well worth the time it will take to make! Liz included tips, techniques and lots of encouragement to build your sewing confidence along the way. There’s even a corner cutting template for you to download! Alicia built in plenty of insulation to keep your packed lunch cooly safe and used laminated fabric for easy clean up. Have fun choosing your materials and don’t forget to pick up matching thread for both the fabric and the binding. Click here for the Insulated, Laminated Lunch Bag tutorial and enjoy all the technique links included!

Image Source: Sew Can She blog

Chubby Lunch Tote

This is a great, little fat-quarter friendly tote designed for adorability and excellent practicality. Caroline of the Sew Can She blog designed this cool DIY Lunch Bag to be sewn in sandwiched units that make the final assembly fun and interesting. Caroline has a love of quilt basting spray that you will share after following her two part tutorial. There are lots of cutting and sewing steps, but you’ll love the way they’re laid out and clearly explained for you. Caroline used a couple of different seam allowance to sew together the Chubby Tote, so be sure to follow her precisely. All in all, this is a great bag that your child will love! Click here for the Chubby Lunch Tote tutorial.

Image Source: Craft Passion blog

Drawstring Lunch Box Tote Bag

Joanne of the Craft Passion blog designed this wonderful drawstring bag for multiple uses, then realized it would be a great Lunch Tote. It doesn’t include insulation, but you could easily add it to the lining and you could add a pocket for an ice pack, too. Joanne’s drawstring design is easy to open and close and has the charming feature of folding flat for storage. It would easily roll up after lunch to be tucked in a backpack!  The directions are great and the downloadable cutting sheet makes laying out your pieces nice and easy.  You’ll enjoy making this bag and may want to design a few for other occasions beyond lunch! Click here for the tutorial on the Craft Passion blog.

Image Source: Crazy Little Projects blog

Kid’s Insulated Lunch Bag

If uber-simple is what you’d like, Amber’s DIY Lunch Bag on her Crazy Little Projects blog is just what you need! Your fabric choice will make all the difference, so think about what will best please your favorite luncher.  Materials are basic – fabric, thermal interfacing and a little hook and loop tape are all you need. You’ll cut just six pieces, and start your sewing with the strap. Before you know it, an adorable Insulated Lunch Bag will appear! This is a great project for a beginner and would be fun to share with a child who wants to learn to sew. Click here for the tutorial on the Crazy Little Projects blog.

DIY Lunch Bags don’t have to be just for the kids! If you need a new Lunch Tote, choose your favorite and make it for yourself. And, if you just need a new carry-all, leave out the insulation and you’ve got it. The wonderful thing about sewing is that we can make exactly what we want!




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