DIY School Supplies to Get Back into the Spring Swing

The holidays are over and school’s back in session. Our brains, however, sometimes have a little bit more trouble showing up. This collection of DIY sewing projects will make getting back into the swing of things a tad easier and a whole lot more fun. They’re ALMOST too-cool-for-school. Almost.



These Geometrical Stiched Notebook Covers via How Did You Make This are honestly works of art. Simple enough for students of all ages, they’re great pattern practice and will be the talk of the classroom. I predict a lot of note taking in my daughter’s future!


You of course need a bag to carry around all your supplies! This DIY Notebook Paper Tote via Say Yes is so simple, so clever, and so much easier than juggling books from class to class. For extra fun, try stitching numbers, letters, or even a friendly message along the lines. After all – that’s what they’re there for, right? My son is currently learning cursive, so I’m thinking about sewing the cursize alphabet on his.



bookmark002Cute Corner Bookmarks via Wake and Whimsy protect the pages of your favorite stories and bring them to life in the most unique way! I love the idea of using them to categorize books. For example: using the Heart for love stories, and the Monster for scarier ones. You can tell my imagination is running wild!

CC_PencilPoucThis Pencil Pouch via Gwenny Penny makes me so happy. It’s bright, clever, and super simple to make. A pointy #2 is the classic symbol of learning and with that unmistakable mustard yellow and pale pink eraser, there will be no question as to what’s inside!

CC_BackpackWhen it comes to backpacks, it’s a big sea of sameness.This Striped DIY Backpack via Petit a Petit packs a serious punch and will stand out in the halls. Have fun with colors and fabrics to make your kid’s backpack truly one-of-a-kind.

We’re raising our hands for all of these. Yes please!

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