DIY Trick Up My Sleeve Coin Purse



Make an up-cycled coin purse from a men’s button down shirt. These mini wallets are not only super easy to make but they are really handy. They will hold a drivers license, a pool pass, and some cash when you don’t want to bring your entire purse to the beach. This would also be a fun gift for Father’s Day. Well your husband might not be so thrilled once you’ve cut up his favorite button down like I did!


Camilla Fabbri was kind enough to let us show you the entire tutorial. This project is perfect for the beginner. My daughter made 6 mini wallets in 30 minutes.



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First you need an old menswear shirt.


Cut off the cuff.


Fold cuff in half so that the buttonhole side is longer than the side with the button.  The longer side should fold over so that the buttonhole and the button line up. Pin in place.

Stitch the sides Closed.

Your mini-coin purse is complete!

The lovely Comilla Fabbri jumping for joy! Check out Family Chic for moreof her DIY Inspiration.

4 thoughts on “DIY Trick Up My Sleeve Coin Purse

  1. ennadoolf Reply

    I love it!

    Now I need a project from pockets .. I cut up a bunch of shirts and saved the pockets (with flaps!) hmm…

  2. shannon @ jozikaroo Reply

    Brilliant, I just scored a beautiful linen men’s shirt from a thrift shop. I think I’ll screenprint a design onto the new wallet, and maybe make a skinny strap so I can hang it around my neck. Thanks for the quick and cool tutorial!

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