Dotty Cuff Bracelet- From a Zipper!

by Stefanie Girard

Create a Dotty Cuff bracelet for an instant fashion accent.

Skill level: Easy


Black Fabric, 8” x 2”

Black fusible interfacing, 8” x 2”

Ribbon Clamp Jewelry Finding

Toggle and Loop Jewelry Finding or clasp of your choice

Jewelry Pliers


1.       Following manufacturer instructions; fuse interfacing strip to the wrong side of fabric strip.

2.       With zipper closed, right sides together, pin one edge of the zipper to the long edge of the fabric strip,  aligning the edge of the zipper tape with the cut edge on the long side of the fabric strip. Repeat for other side of zipper. The fabric strip is wider than the zipper so it will not lay flat when the zipper edges and fabric sides are pinned.

3.       Stitch the pinned sides together 1/8″ from the edge to form a tube.

4.       Open the zipper, turn the tube right side out and close the zipper.

5.       Center the zipper tape with the same amount of fabric showing at each side and press.

6.        Trim the ends of the fabric and zipper tape to within 1/4″ of the top and bottom zipper stops to adjust fit if needed.

7.       Make a small tuck at all four corners of black fabric to fit the ribbon clamp, pin and press.

8.       Stitch in the ditch between the fabric and the zipper through all thicknesses.

9.       Topstitch 1/8” from cut edge of fabric and zipper tapes to hold the ends together and the tucks in place.

10.   Glue Ribbon Clasp to the short ends of bracelet and clamp in place using jewelry pliers. Attach toggle or clasp.

Downloadable Instructions: Dotty Zipper Cuff Bracelet

3 thoughts on “Dotty Cuff Bracelet- From a Zipper!

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I went to the down load directions HOPING to see it demonstrated, since I don’t quite understand the directions reading them at either place. Sometimes clearer instructions are needed for 80+ years so they can make them for their grand-kids.

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