Dream Something New with Create Studio

As you may know, we love an opportunity to make something from an “upcycled” material — taking a material we already have but aren’t using, and re-imagining it into something new. Today we’re sharing five projects from Create Studio, a great resource for projects of every type, which implement upcycling in their creation.

You probably have most of the materials used in the following projects lying around the house! Old dress socks, unused curtains, freezer bags, and more! You’ll love what Sarah of Create Studio does with these “everyday” materials.

1. Sock Dog

Sock dog sewing tutorial

You’ll use a dress sock or similar long sock for this project, a cute take on the traditional sock monkey. The great thing about this project is that you can add all of the details you need, and can have some fun making different “types” of dogs depending on the sock you’re using. The bend in the sock provides the perfect sectioning for the dog’s head.

2. Snack and Sandwich Bags

DIY Snack tote and sandwich bag sewing tutorial

We love making our own lunch materials, as the variety of plastic-coated or oilcloth fabrics are increasingly available and cute these days! This tutorial takes a different approach using materials many of you probably already have — utilizing your existing freezer bags to provide a plastic coating so you can use any of your scrap cotton in your stash!

3. Postal Worker Bag

Postman bag sewing tutorial

This project doesn’t involve upcycling like the others do, but we couldn’t resist sharing because it’s so cute! This tutorial guides you through the steps of making a basic messenger tote (a great bag to make for any occasion) and embellishing the neutral tote to look like a postal worker tote! So much fun for dress up, you’ll love how easy it is.

4. Elephant Door Stop

Elephant door stop sewing tutorial

This project requires very few materials, and utilizes hand sewing techniques to finish off the exterior-facing felt seams. We can see this made in a felt or fleece, and you can use batting or old plastic bags for the stuffing. Beans or rice (or pebbles used in this tutorial) in the feet make it weighted down for a perfect door stop.

5. Curtain to Basic Pillow

Curtain to pillow sewing tutorial

Create Studio makes a pillow from an old curtain, a great use for any old linens you no longer use. The great thing about curtains is there’s a lot of material, so think twice before sending them off for donation! This guides you through a basic square pillow with piping, easy to make in an afternoon.

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