Ease Into Knits!

Ready to sew on knits but not sure where to begin? Thread your machine with a spool of Eloflex, the stretch thread, and try an easy cardigan with minimal fitting issues and challenging techniques such as the ones I have just completed…………….

Discovering a pattern that is just your style is pure gold. I have a few and have just added a new one to the collection.
Blackwood cardigan

Winter just got a whole lot better ūüėČ


After browsing through a stack of Christmas catalogs during the holidays, I was convinced I needed a pair of patterned leggings and ordered¬†Mood Fabric’s¬†ultra soft black wool knit with orchid pink medallions. Opening the box of fabric long after the catalogs were thrown away brought me back to reality and I reassessed.

The leggings would be cute if I was 10 or on a Scandinavian vacation….. but I couldn’t pull it off in South Carolina.

In the midst of my recent sewing room organization project, I rediscovered¬†the piece of double faced knit purchased on a whim at JoAnn’s in the fall of 2016. The¬†Blackwood Cardigan pattern by Helen’s Closet¬†had been downloaded on the computer for months, and somehow, in the thick of it all, a sweater was born.

IMG_0010 2

As I studied the pattern illustration I noticed several opportunities to customize the pattern, and having no real plan allowed me to experiment with the whimsical fabric.


I used the stripes for the bodice and the dots for the cuffs & bands. It’s fun¬†and perfect for a Saturday afternoon!IMG_0017 2Aside from omitting the pockets, shortening the lower band by 2″ was my¬†only change to the pattern. Keeping the contrast front and lower band the same size nicely framed the bodice and resulted in a better proportion for me.


But once wasn’t enough!¬†

As soon as I completed the cardigan I knew exactly what to do with the wonderful wool medallion knit ūüėä (Mood Fabrics also sells this lovely knit in black with a green medallion.)

Again I made a few slight design alterations to let this fabric shine!


The front band and sleeve cuffs were sewn in a contrasting fabric –¬†a¬†black rib knit¬†from Mood. ¬†In order to avoid disrupting the medallion pattern, I omitted the lower band and extended the length of the bodice to match the length of the front band.¬†IMG_0010

The sleeves are designed to be very long and my arms are on the short side. I wanted to keep the length on the sleeve so I shortened the cuff by two inches. I realized the longer sleeve and shorter cuff make my arms look longer so this may become a permanent alteration!

IMG_0057All of the seams (for both cardigans) were finished on the serger.
IMG_0054 3

Since I omitted the lower band, I¬†stabilized the hem by placing a 1″ piece of interfacing directly below the hemline.

IMG_8034The interfacing was serged along the lower edge, turned and machine hemmed.

IMG_0030 2

There’s nothing better for the sewing mojo than an easy pattern with a good fit combined with a fabulous fabric,¬†and with wools like this, bring on the Arctic Blast!


Happy Sewing to All!


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