Easy DIY Sewing Baby Tutorials

Everyone loves to sew baby clothes. We found the cutest tutorials from all over the internet. You will be surprised how fast you can whip up these sweet little projects. The tutorials are easy to follow and only require a few simple stitches. Hand make a mini wardrobe for your next baby shower, your preggy friend will love you!

DIY Baby Leggings

from KOJO Designs

Baby leggings are so easy to make you’ll be fishing through your sock drawer to find more interesting patterns. They fit surprisingly well and keep your super cutie snug as a bug.

Tiny Bows

Tiny bows just take minutes to assemble. Make sure you’ve bought enough ribbon because you’re going to want to make a ton.

Bows from Make It- Love It

Baby Sandals
Baby sandals don’t get cuter than this.  I personally love mini anything and these darling DIY baby shoes take the cake!

Sandals from Make It-Love It.

DIY  Baby Sling

Slings have always been part of our babies’ lives.  My babies always curl up and fall fast asleep.  I wanted to share with you these easy to amke slings that I found over on Delia Creates.

From Delia Creates

DIY Baby Necktie

Your little man will be ready and looking awesome for his first doctor’s appointment. This is a great beginner sewing project.

from  the diymommy.com

Have fun sewing for the little one in your life. Let me know what projects you’re working on. As always, I would love to see!



Rachel Faucett is author of the well loved design and style blog Handmade Charlotte  She writes weekly for Babble, Momtastic, Dotcoms For Moms, and Evos. Rachel is also the mother of five adorable children.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I made a baby sling for my first baby and used it for 2 more. After that I found a closer to the chest was to use because my back had started to bother some with the next two babies. But it was cozy to use and the baby did sleep well in it. Some people thought the baby would suffocate with being curved in, but I did not find it so. Perhaps I was alert enough to be obversant and caring.

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