Egyptian Temple Leaves – Block 2


2014 Quilt Along
2014 Quilt Along

Reminiscent of Egyptian design, these leaves are appliqued to a machine-embroidered stem.  Select one of the decorative stitches on your machine for the veins in the leaves.  Need a refresher on how to applique? Read our post, Applique, more than Satin Stitching?

EgyptianTempleLeavesClick here for the Block instructions for EgyptianTempleLeaves-Block_2

Ginkgo Leaf Block 1

This is the second block in our Leaf Quilt Along.  The quilt was designed by Cheryl A. Adam. Visit Cheryl’s website: Not your Average Quilter.




2 thoughts on “Egyptian Temple Leaves – Block 2

  1. Janet Lenglet Reply

    I must have missed the Block 3 of the Cheryl Adam project above. How can I get this block pattern. I have the Ginkgo Leaf Block, the Egyptian Temple Leaves Block 2 and the Fantasy Leaf Block 4.

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