Eloflex Thread Tips and How-tos

Coats eloflex® stretchable thread a is new, innovative soft thread that sews soft, secure flexible seams. Ohhhhh the possibilities!!!

Use it in a conventional sewing machine (top and bobbin), no special stitches are required, a straight stitch is just fine! In an overlock machine, loops form smoothly for optimal stretch in performance sportswear.


Here are a few tips to make sewing on stretch fabric a success:


  • Always use a Stretch or Ballpoint needle. This type of needle has a rounded, or semi-rounded tip, instead of a sharp one.  This prevents skipped stitches, and prevents the “sharp” regular needle from cutting the fibers and creating small holes in the knit.  I found that a size 90 is best for most fabrics and works well with the Coats eloflex® stretchable thread.

  • No adjustments or special settings needed with Coats eloflex® stretchable thread. I use a regular straight stitch, and only adjust the stitch length sometimes.  If I am sewing on a light to medium weight knit fabric, I leave it at the default 2.5 (10 – 12 stitches per inch) length.  If I am quilting, or sewing multiple layers, I like to lengthen it out to a 3.0 or 3.5 (8 – 10 stitches per inch).


  • When to use Coats eloflex® stretchable thread? Any time you are sewing on a fabric with some “give” or stretch, you need the Coats eloflex® stretchable thread.  Mending your yoga pants or workout gear?  The extra elasticity of the Coats eloflex® stretchable thread will insure it remains nice and stretchy, so you can finish your workout without stressing! I love it for sewing on bathing suit fabric and lingerie as well.


  • If you sew on a knit with regular thread and a straight stitch, the stitches will break, as shown, because the fabric stretches, and the stitching (thread) doesn’t. That’s a problem!  With Coats eloflex® stretchable thread, the thread gives, and will stretch right along with the fabric.


  • Hmmm, that t-shirt you bought that is just a bit too long, now, you can cut it off, turn it up where you want it and topstitch it with Coats eloflex® stretchable thread creating a nice new hem, that “gives”, when you move! I use it to shorten jeans that have lycra in them, too. It lays nicely, and has that extra give, that moves when I do!


  • Oh, and my upcoming project, I am so excited about! A t-shirt quilt!  All the ones I have made in the past have been fused with interfacing to take the “stretch” out of the t-shirts, so traditional quilting methods could be used.  The results, were good looking, but… not very comfy.  It was quite stiff!  Now, no more stiff interfacing needed!  I’m going to piece the t-shirt fronts together, using Coats eloflex® stretchable thread, and back it with comfy Cuddle® fleece and voila, a soft, pretty, cuddly t-shirt quilt will soon appear!

  • And, just think about the possibilities for baby items! I just made a bib, using soft interlock cotton knit. I was able to quilt two layers together, then cut the hole for the neck and add ribbing.  The whole thing was done with a straight stitch!  It is SEW cute!  Click here ___ for the instructions!  I was having so much fun, I couldn’t resist making a matching burp cloth from the rest of the leftover fabric!


  • And now off to bring my latest creation to life, a headband. I have some really cute lycra prints left from another project. I plan to use Coats eloflex® stretchable thread to create some stretchy headbands for my daughter and granddaughter.    The Coats eloflex® stretchable thread will make constructions simple, just a straight stitch, a bit of elastic to hold it together and give it some adjustability, and they’ll be off and running


Marie Duncan

Marie’s background in commercial art, writing and sewing machines is a perfect combination to keep pace with the exciting, ever changing sewing industry.  Retired from SVP Worldwide, Marie is a freelance designer, quilter, illustrator and writer.  Above all, she LOVES to sew!  And it shows in all she does!

4 thoughts on “Eloflex Thread Tips and How-tos

  1. Elena Reply

    Noone seems to be shipping this thread to Europe: on Amazon, joann’s, etc
    I would love to try it, it sounds revolutionary! Please make availible to international customers!

  2. Barbara Reply

    Surely this is a product long overdue!!! Why not for sale on the internet ? — don’t understand that at all☹️ Come on Coats, get your act together, there’s a whole lot of us waiting for this to be made available. 🙏

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Hi Barbara,
      You can find it on-line at createforless.com and walmart.com.

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