Eloflex Thread Tips and How-tos

Coats eloflex® stretchable thread a is new, innovative soft thread that sews soft, secure flexible seams. Ohhhhh the possibilities!!!

Use it in a conventional sewing machine (top and bobbin), no special stitches are required, a straight stitch is just fine! In an overlock machine, loops form smoothly for optimal stretch in performance sportswear.


Here are a few tips to make sewing on stretch fabric a success:


  • Always use a Stretch or Ballpoint needle. This type of needle has a rounded, or semi-rounded tip, instead of a sharp one.  This prevents skipped stitches, and prevents the “sharp” regular needle from cutting the fibers and creating small holes in the knit.  I found that a size 90 is best for most fabrics and works well with the Coats eloflex® stretchable thread.

  • No adjustments or special settings needed with Coats eloflex® stretchable thread. I use a regular straight stitch, and only adjust the stitch length sometimes.  If I am sewing on a light to medium weight knit fabric, I leave it at the default 2.5 (10 – 12 stitches per inch) length.  If I am quilting, or sewing multiple layers, I like to lengthen it out to a 3.0 or 3.5 (8 – 10 stitches per inch).


  • When to use Coats eloflex® stretchable thread? Any time you are sewing on a fabric with some “give” or stretch, you need the Coats eloflex® stretchable thread.  Mending your yoga pants or workout gear?  The extra elasticity of the Coats eloflex® stretchable thread will insure it remains nice and stretchy, so you can finish your workout without stressing! I love it for sewing on bathing suit fabric and lingerie as well.

    Ohm Yoga Skirt


  • If you sew on a knit with regular thread and a straight stitch, the stitches will break, as shown, because the fabric stretches, and the stitching (thread) doesn’t. That’s a problem!  With Coats eloflex® stretchable thread, the thread gives, and will stretch right along with the fabric.


  • Hmmm, that t-shirt you bought that is just a bit too long, now, you can cut it off, turn it up where you want it and topstitch it with Coats eloflex® stretchable thread creating a nice new hem, that “gives”, when you move! I use it to shorten jeans that have lycra in them, too. It lays nicely, and has that extra give, that moves when I do!


  • Oh, and my upcoming project, I am so excited about! A t-shirt quilt!  All the ones I have made in the past have been fused with interfacing to take the “stretch” out of the t-shirts, so traditional quilting methods could be used.  The results, were good looking, but… not very comfy.  It was quite stiff!  Now, no more stiff interfacing needed!  I’m going to piece the t-shirt fronts together, using Coats eloflex® stretchable thread, and back it with comfy Cuddle® fleece and voila, a soft, pretty, cuddly t-shirt quilt will soon appear!


  • And, just think about the possibilities for baby items! I just made a bib, using soft interlock cotton knit. I was able to quilt two layers together, then cut the hole for the neck and add ribbing.  The whole thing was done with a straight stitch!  It is SEW cute!  Click here for the instructions!  I was having so much fun, I couldn’t resist making a matching burp cloth from the rest of the leftover fabric!

  • And now off to bring my latest creation to life, a headband. I have some really cute lycra prints left from another project. I plan to use Coats eloflex® stretchable thread to create some stretchy headbands for my daughter and granddaughter.    The Coats eloflex® stretchable thread will make constructions simple, just a straight stitch, a bit of elastic to hold it together and give it some adjustability, and they’ll be off and running


Marie Duncan

Marie’s background in commercial art, writing and sewing machines is a perfect combination to keep pace with the exciting, ever changing sewing industry.  Retired from SVP Worldwide, Marie is a freelance designer, quilter, illustrator and writer.  Above all, she LOVES to sew!  And it shows in all she does!

33 thoughts on “Eloflex Thread Tips and How-tos

  1. Elena Reply

    Noone seems to be shipping this thread to Europe: on Amazon, joann’s, etc
    I would love to try it, it sounds revolutionary! Please make availible to international customers!

  2. Barbara Reply

    Surely this is a product long overdue!!! Why not for sale on the internet ? — don’t understand that at all☹️ Come on Coats, get your act together, there’s a whole lot of us waiting for this to be made available. 🙏

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Hi Barbara,
      You can find it on-line at createforless.com and walmart.com.

  3. Vicki Reply

    This thread sounds so great. Can you use it for quilting?

    Is this thread synthetic? Will it dry out and eventually break?

    Can I ask you a question? I live in Arizona and have recently discovered that all my cotton thread, probably 199 spools as I have many for applique break so easily, in fact break taking out of the little plastic needle threader. Is there any way to rescue these threads?

    Also, my closest quilt shop carries Coats and Clark polyester and cotton threads. They look like a relatively new product, say in the last two years or so. Will it dry out and break too?

    Thank you in advance for your response


    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Eloflex would not be suitable for quilting on woven fabrics. We do have a few projects we will be sharing in the future that use Eloflex to quilt knit projects. It is synthetic- Polybutylene terephthalate.

      Thread that is stored properly will not dry out. It should be stored away from direct light and not exposed to extremes in temperature or humidity.

      Once the thread has become weaker due to exposure, it should not be used except for possibly basting.

  4. Marilyn Reply

    Can you use this thread if you use cotton on one side and fleece on the other or do both sides have to have a stretch quality

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      I’m assuming by cotton you mean a woven fabric. Eloflex could be used, but the cotton would stabilize the fleece so there wouldn’t be as much of a need to use eloflex.

  5. Katie Reply

    I try to use it on a twin needle at size 90 but the thread still breaks or shreads down to nothing…. Any suggestions as i prefer a twin stitch to a zigzag/straight stitch when it comes to my knitted fabric top stitching?

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Hi Katie,
      Have you had any success using it in a single needle? Are you using it in the bobbin too? Are the twin needles you are using Stretch needles? Our other suggestion would be to reduce the upper tension and lengthen the stitch.

      • Katie Reply

        I could go single but even then, it still shreds down to nothing or skips stitches. I am using a matching bobbin, the twin needles are stretch ones.
        I will try the tension but so far this has been a hard thread to work with on my Brother SC9500

  6. Flo Reply

    I love the results I had with this thread. I used it to make my knit holiday dress and to hem the sleeves on a knit Christmas shirt. I I used a stretch needle and 3.0 mm straight stitch. I tested it and it had perfect recovery -no ripped stitches.

  7. Linda Reply

    This sounds fabulous – when is it going to be on sale in the UK though?

  8. Teresa Reply

    I’m following along with a tutorial to start working with knit. I purchased some eloflex, stretch needle, and am about to start. The tutorial calls for the lightning bolt stretch stitch – should I still follow where it says that or will it create too much give if I’m using stretch stitch and stretch thread at the same time?

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Hi Teresa,
      With eloflex you can use a straight stitch instead of the stretch stitch. However, if you can still use the stretch stitch with eloflex and it will not be too “stetchy”.

  9. Aymee Cruz Reply

    So I bought this yesterday. I’m using it with a walking knit fabric. I have it tried it on multiple tensions including zero. I have put it in the bobbin and top. I’m going slow. I’ve tried a stretch stitch and a slow straight stitch. I have lowered the size of my stitch and this thread keeps shredding and then breaking. It’s awful! I’ll be returning it to Hobby Lobby tom!

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      We are so sorry you are having difficulty. What type of needle are you using? Be sure it is a stretch needle.

  10. Claire Reply

    I’ve had the same problem with the thread shredding/breaking and yes I’m using a stretch needle. This was very frustrating I wanted to love it but I can barely tolerate it, more work than it’s worth.

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Claire, So sorry you are having difficulty. Please check your inbox- we are sending you more information.

  11. Kathy Reply

    I’m also having difficulty using the thread. I’m using a stretch needle and I’ve tried to adjust the stitch length and tension but the top thread keeps shredding and breaking, help!

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      We are sorry to hear you are having problems using eloflex. Check your email, we are sending you more information.

  12. Joy Reply

    I am sewing on a lightweight cotton and it gathers the fabric but will not stretch. I it to be used on stretch knit only? I am making a peasant blouse from a man’s shirt. Thanks

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Eloflex is for knit fabrics or fabrics that have added stretch such as stretch denim. It will not add stretch if the fabric doesn’t stetch.

  13. Bethany Hazard Reply

    I just tried your stretch thread and have had good luck with it on two way stretch fabric! thank you for inventing this. Can you sell it through the wawalk catalog. JoAnns has it in limited colors.

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores have the widest range of colors. There are 21 colors total. It is also available on JoAnn.com and Createforless.com

  14. Deronda Phipps Reply

    Thread keeps breaking. Using Inspira 80 Titanium Ball Point needles. Have adjusted tension on my Husqvarna to 1 and still breaking. Sewing on anti-pill fleece using a stretch stitch.

  15. Lissa Reply

    I’m also having a problem w/the eloflex top thread breaking. Help!
    Do I need to use a twin needle & stabilizer for hemming knits/t-shirts? Or can I sew regular straight stitches?

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      You can use a straight stitch with Eloflex. Whether you need a stablizer will depend more on the fabric than the thread.

  16. JD Reply

    I was having problems with the thread breaking and I didn’t know why, until I noticed that the thread keeps unwinding off the spool, and ends up winding around the spool holder until it’s so tightly wound around the spool holder that it can’t move and eventually the thread snaps! This happens with various colors and with various fabrics so it must have to do with how the thread is made — it doesn’t stay wrapped around the spool on its own, similar to how the heavy duty thread unwinds on its own. Otherwise, I really love this thread. Any suggestions on how to stop the thread from unwinding on the spool while sewing?

    • lynnbrowne Reply

      Glad you like the thread, but sorry you are having a problem. I assume your spool pin is vertical, not horizontal. We would recommend putting a felt or cardboard circle slightly larger that the spool on the spool pin under the spool.

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