Etsy Shop Feature: Pollaz

When we ran across these handmade goodies in Pollaz’ Etsy shop we fell in love. From pillows to placemats, Pollaz puts a spin on everyday items you wouldn’t normally think about. You can either take inspiration from them and make your own or buy them off her site!

Dracula Pillow Face By Pollaz















Decorate your house with scary characters for Halloween! Love the rosy cheeks on this Dracula.

Frankenstein Pillow by Pollaz















has never looked so friendly.

Frida Pillow Face by Pollaz






















Love the detail in this Frida Kahlo pillow. She also has one with pink flowers!

The Flowered Beard Pillow by Pollaz






















A flowered beard? What an ingenious idea. If only I could get my husband to figure out a way to do this…

Placemat by Pollaz












Love the idea of a house placemat with silverware holder! The options are endless with this one, and Pollaz has four designs to choose from!

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