Fabric Gift Bags for the Eco-conscious Gifter

Adorable fabric bags that you truly want to reuse!

This holiday season kick up your wrapping a knotch with a bag they won’t just toss out — make it fabric and make it reusable! We have a pattern for you that includes instructions on four fabric bag styles, and even a little felt gift card wallet.

We love this pattern because it shows you how to make bags in a few different ways, each with their own set of benefits. Grommets make the perfect solution if you’d like to use cording, or regular straps if the bag may double as a tote.

Adorable fabric bags that you truly want to reuse!
Adorable fabric bags that you truly want to reuse!
Our favorite gift bag just might be this style with the oh-so-convenient slot for holding your card. Tuck it in and you know it won’t get lost in the mix inside the bag, or use it to section off something extra special. The wine bag is a great gift addition to a bottle of wine, as it can be used over & over again to transport bottles for a picnic or party.

We love the gift card wallet because a lot of hesitation behind giving gift cards is often that it’s not personal enough. Sometimes you might just decide it’s best they pick out their own gift, but want to add a personal touch and this wallet does just the trick.

Adorable fabric bags that you truly want to reuse!
A firm interfacing or stiff exterior fabric gives these bags their stability, allowing them to remain standing like a real paper bag. You can find medium-weight interfacings at most fabric stores if you want the same crunchy feel but prefer that it can be folded down for easy storage.

How do you like to package your gifts? Share in the comments below! Find more information on how to make these gift bags in one set from The Train to Crazy blog or download it directly from Go To Patterns.


2 thoughts on “Fabric Gift Bags for the Eco-conscious Gifter

  1. Bliss Foster Reply

    Being eco-concious isn’t so difficult when you have awesome choices like this. I would use these until they’re threadbare.

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