Gathering Apron for Autumnal Fruit Picking

Gathering Apron sewing tutorial for Autumnal harvest picking

We love the outdoors, especially when Fall harvests come in and we get the chance to go picking! Whether you’re picking from your garden, a local apple orchard, or picking up toys from the back yard, a gathering apron is a great accessory to have in your house. Follow along this great tutorial for a super sturdy apron from Reformation Acres, with a suspended gathering pouch, perfect for yourself or a unique handmade gift!

Aprons provide for a lot of flexibility in the creation, as you can alter the straps and fabric patterns to fit any personality and style. This apron uses a drawstring gathered neckline, but you can also utilize stationary straps that can be tied if that will work better for your needs. If you’re looking for strength, a cotton duck or canvas could work really well, especially some of the organic varieties that are softer than other canvases, but still provide that strength for heavy gathering. Linens are also a great choice, as the strength and softness are there, too.

Gathering Apron sewing tutorial for Autumnal harvest picking

We love this tutorial because it guides you through taking your own measurements for a perfect fit. You can find basic measurements for certain body types if you’ll be making it for someone else, but this is where the gathered neckline might help if you’re not 100% sure of the recipient’s measurements.

Gathering Apron sewing tutorial for Autumnal harvest picking

Gathering Apron sewing tutorial for Autumnal HarvestingFor wrapping up the ends to create a gathering “basket”, buttonholes can help to loop the waist straps to hold the corners in place. Another fun way to create this look could be to put large buttons on the corners and attach to the waist straps with a string & button type closure (with buttons on the corners and the waistline). What other way can you come up with to keep the corners up for the gathered look?

Find the full tutorial for the Gathering Apron at Reformation Acres.

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