Great Sewing Supplies for National Sewing Month


Happy National Sewing Month! This year’s theme is Sew For The Experience Of It and I know firsthand for a great sewing experience, you need great sewing supplies. Sometimes great supplies seem expensive, but the cost of bargain supplies is often sewing frustration. So, let’s make choices that have our creative hearts smiling and singing. Because it should. Because that’s what sewing is all about!


Great Thread Creates Great Happiness

Of course! But really, fellow sewists, excellent quality thread is extremely important! We are all very fortunate to have fabulous Coats thread so readily available in our local sewing stores. Years ago, while working in a sewing store that also sold machines, a customer came in steaming mad because the thread kept breaking on her brand new machine. She was sure the machine was at fault. Since thread choice is key to successful sewing, I asked what kind of thread she was using. “I don’t know, she said, It was in a box of sewing stuff my husband’s ex-wife left in the attic years ago”. When I explained that old thread may not be good thread and cheap thread is the worst, she cursed the ex-wife a little, but bought new thread and came back later to happily thank me.

Pamper yourself during National Sewing Month! Go through your thread box, toss out incredibly old thread, banish any “5/$1.00 bargain” or thrifted threads and replenish your supply with fabulous new Coats threads.  And, so you can choose the right thread for each project (yes, it makes a difference!), click here to access the Coats Thread Advisor PDF. Print it, keep it close to your sewing planning area and you’ll be on the path to sewing happiness!


Sharp Or Not Sharp

There are different types and sizes of needles and pins that solve problems for sewing various fabrics. If you’ve never changed your machine needle(s), start now and plan to do it often – about every 6 to 8 hours of sewing time. Go right now, take the needles out and don’t put one back in until you have the right one. Sharps or Universal for woven fabrics, Stretch or Ball Point for knits and size makes a difference, too. Click here for the Schemtz Needle Guide, print it and keep it close to your Thread Advisor.

Great sewing supplies include the right style and length of pins, too. Sharp pins cut through woven fabrics, ballpoint or extra fine pins push knitted threads aside. Be kind to your knits and you’ll vastly reduce holes and runs. Click here to see the pins made by Dritz and click on each style for an explanation of it’s use. You’ll learn a lot!


Designated Scissors

Fabric cutting scissors are far different from the craft or dollar-store scissors you may now be using. Great scissors are uber-important to add to your great sewing supplies. There are many excellent brands available, such as Kai, Gingher, Fiskars and Mundial. Head for your local fabric store with scraps of the fabrics you often use and try the sewing scissor brands they have on hand. When you find the one that propels you into cutting heaven, buy it and lock it up at home. Keeping your sewing scissors for fabric ONLY will make a huge, happy difference in your cutting life!


Make Marking Marvelous

I have six different types of marking tools in several colors in my stash of great sewing supplies. Each one is designed for a different type of fabric! Click here for a PDF of fabulous Marking Tips from Coats. You’ll learn about markers and how to use them marvelously for your next project.


Zipping Along

Similar to using the perfect button or trim, choosing the right zipper is key to closure success. Coats offers loads of beautiful zippers – each suited to a particular “job”. To learn to choose just the right one and the best way to stitch it in, click here for a PDF that makes it easy! And, again, print it to keep on hand.


Your New Best Friend

Using great sewing supplies includes owning the right machine. When you find that you’ve stopped sewing because you dread wrestling with your machine – it’s time for a new one. The Sewing & Craft Alliance has a marvelous PDF on choosing a sewing machine, click here. Study the guide and enjoy dreaming and shopping for your new best friend!

So, repeat after me – great sewing supplies create a great sewing experience. Now sort, shop, replace, lock up those great supplies and sew happy!

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