Halloween Fun: Colorful Ghost and Skull Wreath

Ghost & Skull WreathA new look for Halloween, this colorful wreath is a collage of Halloween themed cut-outs. It’s so easy when you use Phoomph.

Designed by Iliana McGrath


Phoomph for fabric, stiff,-5 sheets \

Black felt- 2 sheets 9″ x 12″

1/2yd Black and White chevron fabric

3 Assorted print fabrics

Felt in assorted colors 12 sheets

Shiny purple fabric

Shiny black fabric

6 Chenille stems

Foam core- 17″ square

Sheer white fabric- 12″ square

Dual Duty XP Thread


Wire cutter


Pinking shears

Small hole punch

Hot glue

Compass or 16” plate and 12” plate

Craft knife

Ghost & Skull wreath patterns


  1. For wreath base, cut a 2” wide circle out of the foam core with a 16” exterior diameter and 12” interior diameter.
  2. Use the pinking shears, cut the chevron fabric into 2” strips. Wrap the fabric around the foam core wreath, with the strips slightly overlapping and using the hot glue to secure the ends on the back of the wreath.
  3. Peel backing from one side of a sheet of Phoomph and stick to the wrong side of a print fabric. Trace 8 skulls, and cut out with scissors. Peel the paper backing away from each skull and stick to black felt. Use pinking shears to cut around the skull leaving a ¼” border exposed.
  4. Trace the mouth and eye templates onto Phoomph and use the assorted felts to create colorful skull faces as shown.
  5. Cover both sides of a sheet of Phoomph with the shiny black fabric and cut out 2 spiders. Use the hole punch to create the leg holes. Cut the chenille stems in half; each half will be one pair of legs. Find the midpoint of a chenille stem and create a bend. Drive one end of the chenille stem through a leg hole and the other end through the neighboring leg hole. Repeat with all remaining leg holes. Bend the chenille stems to mimic the shape of spider’s legs as shown.
  6. Cover both sides of another sheet of Phoomph with the shiny purple fabric and cut out 3 bats. Create 3 bat bodies using the black fabric or felt and peel and stick in place.
  7. Trace the ghost shape onto Phoomph and cut out. Peel away the paper backing and drape the sheer white fabric over the ghost. Work with the fabric until the desired draping effect is reached.

Arrange skulls, spiders, and bats onto the wreath and hot glue in place. Use ribbon to hang the wreath. Use the thread to hang the ghost in middle of the wreath

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