Halloween Fun: Skull Banner

Banner-Skulls-Close-UpColorful  Skulls create a little scary fun for your Halloween party decorations. Phoomph makes it a great kid’s project. No hot glue or fusing with an iron- just cover, peel and stick.

Designed by Iliana McGrath


Phoomph for fabric, stiff -4 sheets

White Felt -4 sheets

Assorted colors felt- 5 sheets


Pinking shears

Adhesive gems

3yds jute/twine

Hole punch


Skulls and face templates



  1. Peel the backing from one side of a sheet of Phoomph and cover with white felt. Do this for  3.5 sheets of Phoomph. Trace the skull template 5 times and cut out. Peel away the backing of each skull and stick to a half sheet of assorted color felt. Use the pinking shears to cut around the skull leaving a ¼” border around the skull.
  2. Use the mouth, nose, and eye templates to create an assortment of faces for the skulls. Use the gems to add embellishment.
  3. Punch out the small holes as indicated on the skull templates. Thread the jute through the skulls to create a banner.

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