Handmade Cuff Bracelet Wardrobe

I’ve always thought that clothing should be fun and accessories should push the fun from enjoyable to fabulous.  So, I’m always looking for accessories that add instant style and joy to a standard office outfit or a t-shirt and jeans. In the last few years, wearing a Cuff Bracelet has been my favorite thing for Fall and I’m super excited about making my own!

As you’ll see on our walk through tutorial land, there are loads of options for designs and materials to work with. Let your creative wheels turn as you read and absorb, take notes and think about what you love to wear and what fits your wardrobe. You may already have supplies on hand, or a trip to the fabric store may be in order. Just let your imagination soar!


Fabric Cuff Bracelet

Linda Griepentrog designed a beautiful Fabric Cuff for Coats this month and that got me started. It’s fashionable and offers great possibilities for showcasing fabrics, machine stitching and embellishment. Click here for her Fabric Cuff tutorial. I love Linda’s design so much and while my imagination was buzzing, I went looking for other ways to create a handmade cuff bracelet wardrobe.  I’ve found even more inspirational fancies to share with you today – come along with me!


Corded Cuff Bracelet

Bits and pieces of fabric will look designer perfect in the Fabric Corded Cuff Bracelet I found on the Dritz Make Something blog.  Along with your fabric, you’ll need 3/16” cording and a large, shiny hook and eye closure.  As Dritz suggests, this corded Cuff Bracelet is perfect for stacking on your wrist. That makes this project versatile and full of fashion potential. Click here for the Corded Cuff tutorial.


Yo-Yo Cuff Bracelet

I love the way yo-yos were used for the Cuff Bracelet designed by Deanna of the Sew McCool blog! This charming bracelet quickly takes yo-yos from quilty to glamorous and again uses just a few bits of fabric you may already have. Deanna used a plain, purchased cuff as the base for her design. She stitched a cover from fabric, then added embellishments after covering the base. While Deanna recommends gluing the embellishments, I’ll be sewing mine. I want those lovely yo-yos to stay put! Click here for the Yo-Yo Cuff tutorial.


Lacy Zipper Cuff Bracelet

Coats also has a marvelous way for you to turn a unique zipper into a gorgeous Cuff Bracelet. The added button and zipper pull adornment look so awesome! Think about the brooch you never wear, a vintage watch or an heirloom piece tucked away in your jewelry drawer. Any of those treasures could be the star on this bracelet.

Choose a plain zipper or this fabulous lacy trim zip.  Click here for the Lacy Zipper Cuff tutorial.


Leather Cuff Bracelet

For a solid “came from the boutique” look, use leather for your Cuff Bracelet! Heather of the Sewing Loft blog loves her leather cuffs and decided that she could make her own. Using scraps of leather and fabric and a snap or button you can easily recreate Heather’s gorgeous Cuff Bracelets. If you’ve never sewn leather, give it a try. Heather includes great instructions for sewing on leather or faux leather in her tutorial.  She’a terrific guide!


I love Heather’s thread tip for her leather Cuff Bracelets – she uses Coats Jeans Thread. A heavier thread like Dual Duty Jeans or Button & Craft Thread will be the perfect accent on any cuff you choose to make, be sure to stock up on several colors. You’ll love having a good supply on hand!  Click here for the Leather Cuff tutorial.

All this inspiration should keep your wrists lusciously adorned this Fall.  Gather fabrics, trims and other goodies you already have, add more as you shop and create an awesome stash of Cuff Bracelet making supplies. A little time, a few materials and your wrists can be fashionably encircled by cuffs for every occasion!

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