A Handmade Sleeping Bag for Kids and Dolls

Handmade Sleeping Bag child finished

Summer days mean sleep overs and camp outs and I found the perfect Handmade Sleeping Bag tutorials for your littles and their playtime buddies! Adult size bags are just too big and uncomfortable, but those of us who sew can easily solve that problem with a little stitching time and super-cute fabric.

Over on The Ribbon Retreat blog I found a guest post by Amber of the Little Projects blog. It’s a sweet and easy way to make a custom child size sleeping bag and you’re going to love it. You’ll see an adorable mini size pocket sleeping bag for your little’s best plushy or doll buddy below, too!

Handmade Sleeping Bag child inside

For a pre-schooler size Handmade Sleeping Bag you’ll need three yards each of two coordinating fabrics – one for the inside, one for the outside. This will make a bag that is about 1-1/2 yards long, so you’ll want to purchase more if you need extra length for an older child. If you’re making this as a gift, you’ll do your own choosing, but if your child is in on this take them along to pick fabric. They’ll enjoy seeing their choices turn into a “just for me” sleep sack!

You’ll also need high loft batting to make your Handmade Sleeping Bag uber comfy-cozy. Amber bought the loftiest she could find and doubled it. If the batting available to you doesn’t have much loft, you may want to triple or quadruple it. Fold it over several times before you make your purchase to see how much you need for the cush you want in your bag.

Handmade Sleeping Bag child zipper insertion

A colorful zipper will add to the pizazz of this fun, yet functional bag. You can pick out a 30” Coats Separating Zipper in a coordinating or contrasting color at your nearest store. They’re durable enough to hold up to a zip happy child! Amber’s instructions for stitching in the zipper are excellent. Read through before you start, then follow her step by step and you’ll do just fine. And hey,  just so you know,  Coats also makes a special purpose Sleeping Bag Zipper that’s 100″ long if you ever need to repair an adult size bag!

Handmade Sleeping Bag child batting

To reduce the bulk you’re sewing through, Amber suggests assembling your fabric layers, then stuffing the batting inside. You’ll still want a walking foot, if you have it, for the final stitching. As a last step, you’ll add elastic straps to make it easy to secure the bag when it’s rolled up for storage or toting to a friend or Grandma’s house. Click here for Amber’s Child Size Handmade Sleeping Bag tutorial!

Handmade Sleeping Bag child rolled

Okay, but what about your little’s best playtime buddy? Whether it’s a doll or a stuffed critter, they’ll need their own sleeping bag, too. So we’re off to the Snugglebug University blog to learn how to make a mini bag to keep that best pal comfy!

Handmade Sleeping Bag doll finished

I really love the way Jill designed this darling bag as a pocket. That makes it super-quick to stitch and easy for any age child to enjoy. Of course, if you’re making a child size Handmade Sleeping Bag, you’ll just purchase a little more fabric and batting so the bags will match. What fun this would be as a gift!

Handmade Sleeping Bag doll group

You’ll size your bag to fit the doll or plushy that it will be used for and make your own “pattern”. There’s no actual fitting here, so that will be easy-peasy and no-fail! Jill’s instructions are easy to follow from there and there’s no zipper so these will make up quickly. I can see dolly sleeping bags being a terrific thing to make as a party favor or to involve a child in for their first sewing project. Click here for Jill’s doll size Handmade Sleeping Bag tutorial.

Looking in my crystal sewing ball (or would that be a pincushion?), I foresee lots of happy children in your future! Enjoy making Handmade Sleeping Bags and the cozy joy you’ll create for the kids in your life!

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