Handsewn Smart Phone Care

“Oh, no! I forgot to plug my phone in!” “Has anybody seen my phone cord?” “Mom, I dropped my phone and the screen shattered . . .again!”  Sound familiar? Back to school time often means a new phone, especially for the kids who are heading off to University or High School. And, I don’t know about your kids, but my dear children were not known for their excellent phone care skills. But, we can use our sewing superpowers to make Handsewn Smart Phone Care and protect our child’s digital lifeline!

Handsewn Smart Phone Care Phone Wallet finished

So, let’s do this in a logical progression and start with a Phone Wallet to protect the phone in the first place. Amy of the My 3 Monsters blog designed a case that I’m uber impressed with! She was unable to find the same “life changing” wallet she had previously purchased and decided to create her own. Nothing stops a maker! You’re going to love this case and so will the kids. Along with the phone, it holds a debit card, driver’s license and a little cash. Everything you need and it protects the phone!

Handsewn Smart Phone Care Phone Wallet plastic case

Amy’s wallet is specifically sized to fit an older Iphone, but you can easily adjust the measurements to fit the phone your child owns. Another super-smart thing about this Handsewn Smart Phone Care is the plastic case that’s glued inside. You can use the case as a template for sizing and it adds great protection. From there you’ll need a ¼ yard of fabric, magnetic purse snaps, a few other supplies and less than an hour of time. Plan to make several and don’t forget yourself!

Handsewn Smart Phone Care Phone Wallet camera opening

Phones often go missing when they’re used to take pictures and set down “just for a second”.  This piece of our Handsewn Phone Care has a “porthole” for the camera lens so the phone stays protected and easy to hold. You can hand stitch a pop of color around the opening as Amy did or use your machine set on a buttonhole stitch. Click here for Amy’s tutorial.

Handsewn Smart Phone Care Cord Keepers finished

Now let’s cure that annoying hunt for the cord in the basket of “every cord and accessory known to man” most of us keep around. Tricia of the Leafy Treetops blog now becomes our new BFF! To solve her phone cord dilemma, Tricia designed a quick and easy cord keeper you’re going to love. You can assembly line stitch these up and make one for every cord in the basket!

Handsewn Smart Phone Care Cord Keepers supplies

Tricia made her cord keeper from scraps of fabric like you’ll have left from the Phone Case you just made. It will only take you about 20 minutes to create a cord keeper to add to your Handsewn Smart Phone Care and it will be worth every second. Choose a fabric or color for each person in the house and they’ll always know which cords belong to their devices! Click here for Tricia’s Cord Keeper tutorial.

Handsewn Smart Phone Care Charging Station finished

So, the phone still needs charging, right? Let’s make it a charging station! You’ve seen these in stores, they can be pricey and of course, handmade is SO much better. Coordinate it with the case and cord keeper or go a different direction. This is going to be one of the coolest things you’ll make for back to school this year. Amy of the Positively Splendid blog created a wonderful design with everything she wished she had in a Charging Station.Handsewn Smart Phone Care Charging Station assemblyYou’ll need fat quarters or scraps, fusible fleece, extra-firm interfacing, piping and a plastic grommet. You’ll also want a heavy weight needle so you can sew through all the layers.  I love that she used fusible fleece to add protection for the phone. That fits right in with our goals for Handsewn Smart Phone Care! Click here for the Charging Station tutorial.

And, now Ms.or Mr. Super Sewist you have done your duty for the world of Smart Phones! Take a bow, enjoy the praise and rest well. And, after your rest, get out your holiday list and see who else needs one of these as a gift!

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