Head to Toe Handmade Warmth for Kids

Head to Toe Handmade Warmth is delightfully practical and lots of fun to sew. You’re going to love the ideas I have for you today and you’ll enjoy making several of each for your favorite kids!

Image from deliacreates.com

Ear Flap Hat

Delia’s Ear Flap Hat is Handmade Warmth that is just too, too cute! Great for boys or girls in feminine or masculine or neutral-everyone-will-love-it prints, it’s a super versatile design. Delia includes a link to her free PDF Craftsy pattern link in her post along with excellent instructions on how to print the pattern at home. Follow Delia and you’ll enjoy creating a wonderful actually-stays-on hat that warms ears and cheeks and ties under the chin! Click here for the hat tutorial on her Delia Creates blog.

Image from leafytreetopspot.blogspot.com

Lined Fleece Hat

Tricia of the Leafy Tree Top Spot blog designed this beautiful Lined Fleece Hat after finding inspiration from another tutorial. She gives us clear instructions for how she modified the hat for her neighbor’s daughter and added the sweet little flower. You’ll see Tricia’s “boy” version of the hat, too so it’s really a two-fer post with lots of possibilities! The original hat was a t-shirt upcycle and Tricia gives great hints for making it in fleece instead. It’s easy-peasy from there! Click here for Tricia’s tutorial.

Image from rufflesandstuff.com

Wrapped in Bows Scarf

Disney of the Ruffles and Stuff blog has the best creative name I’ve ever seen and the skills to match it. Her beautiful Bows Scarf is made from modified dollar store scarves!  Follow Disney through just a few simple steps and you’ll have an adorably fashionable scarf for your little princess or maybe for yourself. This super clever and creative scarf uses two pre-made scarves for a child and Disney suggests three for adult size handmade warmth. Click here for Disney’s tutorial and have fun!

Image from lemonsqueezyhome.com

Long Fleece Mittens

I love, love, love this handmade warmth project from Christie of the Lemon Squeezy Home blog! I remember all too well, the gap between the mittens and the end of my precious baby’s jacket sleeves. All you’ll need is a bit of fleece fabric, thin elastic, a little time and Christie’s fine tutorial. You’ll make your pattern from your wee one’s hand and she wisely includes instructions for allowing ease. Those sweet little fingers need plenty of room to move around!  Click here for Christie’s tutorial.

Image from made-by-rae.com


Dragon Slippers

Designed as a “boy” project, I know plenty of little girls who would love to wear dragons on their toes, too!  Rae of Made by Rae designed these fleecy, warmth-breathing Dragon Slippers to keep little toes playfully toasty.  But, don’t stop with the little ones – these can easily be made in big people sizing, too. You’ll find excellent instructions in the tutorial on creating a customized pattern. It uses a bit of math, but don’t let that scare you. Rae generously includes a refresher for your geometry skills!

Image from made-by-rae.com

Have fun customizing these dragons to your taste! The tongues are fabulous and could be made in any color or print you choose.  And, you may want to use a ruffle of sparkly fabric instead of the ric-rac.  The black eye buttons are striking, but for safety I’d use felt or fleece eyes for those under three. Click here for Rae’s tutorial and make them your own!

Here are my hints for making and using Head to Toe Handmade Warmth:

  • Make at least two pairs of mittens in the same fabric. Mttens like to “run away” and usually only one at a time.
  • Keep a “Basket of Winter Warmth” by the front door ready for a play date with your favorite little ones. Make plenty of extras in case they get wet from snow, left at a friend’s house or are in the wash.
  • Keep a stash of hats, scarves, mittens or slippers for last minute gifts. They’ll be well appreciated.
  • And, as always, delight in the joy of your handmade warmth making journey!

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