Homemade Fun with DIY Dog Toys

There’s something special about homemade toys. I just ran across a few of my favorite toys I had kept from my childhood and most of them were made by my grandmother. The kids loved hearing the stories behind the toys and I can tell they thought they were special too. Homemade toys also seem to last a lot longer than store-bought toys, whether they are just taken better care of or made better all around. The love that goes into each stitch definitely helps! That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite DIY toys—for those special furry ones in your life! Dogs can go through toys like nobody’s business, but I’ve found that our homemade dog toys still last longer. And if they don’t, at least your fabric scraps will have gone to good use! The kids will love helping out with these toys, whether they are part of the making or playing process!

Fun Fabric Pull Toy from Sew It Love ItI love the look of this Fun Fabric Pull Toy from Sew It Love It. It reminds me of a party treat! Even though the tutorial says it’s meant to be a dog toy, I guarantee your littles will love playing with it just as much—especially with the dog!

Easy Sew Chew Toys via May Richer Fuller BeThese Easy Sew Chew Toys from May Richer Fuller Be are so cute they look like hair accessories! Soon your dog will be playing in style.

Flying Squirrel Chew Toy via While She NapsI love anything that has to do with cute exotic animals. This Flying Squirrel Chew Toy from While She Naps makes me giggle every time I look at it. (Just don’t think about it in between the jaws of your pup.)

Homemade Foxtail Dog Toy via InstructablesThis Homemade Foxtail Dog Toy from Instructables is genius. You’ll have just as much fun watching it bounce and fly around as your dog will! Ready, set, go fetch!


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